Web Based Text Browser

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An online website text browser written in PHP, for surfing the internet. Images, scripts, CSS, etc are removed for a text-only experience.

Mobile Driven

The number of text browser apps for mobile devices is limited, especially for older smartphones.

In particular, my phone has none. The included web browser has no text mode, and there are no such apps. To further exasperate the problem, the current web browser is old and outdated as it lack updates. It struggles with modern website with no mobile option.

Thus the idea of a PHP based text browser was born as it would provide the following benefits:

Restricted Access

Alas, this tool is not accessible to the general public for the following reasons:

However, the source code is provided below.

PHP Text Browser

The following source code is for the text-only browser. Styling and restricted access have been removed.

Screen Shots

PHP Text Browser