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Yi Long - "Shaolin Monk" Fight Record

Yi Long is a Chinese amateur fighter often promoted as a Shaolin Kung Fu monk by Wu Lin Feng (WLF), a martial arts competition organization. In the past, Yi Long was billed as the number one Shaolin Kung Fu monk.

Is he a Shaolin Monk?

On December 14, 2010, a spokesman of the Shaolin Temple claimed,

Yi Long, who was billed as the No. 1 Shaolin Kung Fu monk, is neither a Kung Fu monk of Shaolin Temple, nor could he be named as the No. 1 Shaolin Kung Fu monk at all.

IKF: Sets the Record Straight

In response to the YouTube video “Shaolin Monk KO’s US Navy SEAL’s Boxer IKF Champion” the International Kickboxing Federation responded for the record on August 17th 2012.

Shaolin monk KO US Navy SEAL Boxer-IKF Champion

“Neither fighter in the video is an IKF Champion (Of any kind or anything related to the IKF letters).”

“Neither fighter is a former Navy Seal.”

“It’s even in doubt whether the Chinese fighter, Yi Long is truly a ‘Shaolin Monk’…”

“The bout shown is an Amateur Bout between 2 AMATEUR Fighters, Shea Ealey (USA, 8-0 prior to this bout.) VS Yi Long (China, 17-0 prior to this bout.).”


At best, Yi Long is a Sanda guy who spent some time training at the Shaolin temple.

Nonetheless, Yi Long is a fun spectacle to watch. He uses the “Iron Chin” and “Qigong Iron Shirt” technique to fight in an aggressive manner. However, despite the hype, his “Iron Chin” is not invincible as he has been knocked out more than once.

Win/Loss Record?

Several videos are on YouTube promoting the “Shaolin Monk” vs multiple fight disciplines. They were entertaining, so I tried, and failed, to find Yi Long’s fight record. He is not a professional fighter, and his amateur career has been obfuscated to better promote him.

As a result, YouTube was searched and a fight history was compiled.

Fighter Profile

Yi Long-Profile
Name:“Yi Long” / “One Dragon”
Real Name:Liu Xingjun
Birthday:April 1987
Birthplace:Shandong Province, China
Height:1.76 m
Weight:72 kg
Fighting Style:Kung Fu
Years Active:2009-present

Fight History

The following fight history was compiled from various YouTube videos. It is incomplete and unofficial. Opponent names and fight dates may be inaccurate.

Result Fighter Date Method
Loss Buakaw Banchamek 2015/06/06 Decision
Loss Leo Bonniger 2015/04/18 Decision
Win Miguel Varela 2015/03/07 Decision
Draw Yuichiro Nagashima 2015/01/31 Decision
Win Shea Ealey 2014/11/23 KO
Win Jomthong Chuwattana 2014/10/04 KO
Loss Yuichiro Nagashima 2014/09/09 Decision
Win David Brown 2014/07/12 KO
Loss Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee 2014/05/24 Decision
Win Olli Koch 2014/05/10 Decision
Win Woo Yong Choi 2014/03/30 Decision
Win Sejenis kuda 2014/03/07 Decision
Win Jackson 2014/02/08 Decision
Win Adrien Grotte 2014/01/18 Decision
Win Cyrus Washington 2013/11/02 Decision
Win Paul (Brazil) 2013/09/02 KO
Win Petchnumchai F.A.Group 2013/08/10 TKO
Win Jamnian Srikam 2013/06/06 KO
Win Young Jin Min 2013/02/02 KO
Loss Josh Pickthall 2012/12/?? KO
Win Jordan Tai 2012/10/20 Decision
Win Xin Yili 2011/11/17 TKO
Loss Adrien Grotte 2010/11/13 KO
Win David Hayes ??/??/???? TKO
Win Dimitri Mason ??/??/???? Decision
Win Jhonthonnoi Boon ??/??/???? KO
Win Kem Sitsongpeenog ??/??/???? Decision
Win Kim Doshi ??/??/???? Decision
Win Kotaro Mori ??/??/???? KO
Win Mike ??/??/???? KO
Win Monje ??/??/???? KO
Loss Petthong Leamtanawat ??/??/???? Decision
Win Valdet Gashi ??/??/???? Decision

Yi Long a Master of the Homer Simpson Fighting Style

Yi Long can absorb severe punishment. Like Homer Simpson, he chooses to stand still in the ring and let his opponents exhaust themselves trying to knock him out!

Yi Long a Master of the Homer Simpson Fighting Style

Shoop dat Long

Yi Long-Template

The template with a transparent background is available as an .xcf file or .png file


Photoshop Fun!

Mystic Triangle Offense

Yi Long-Triangle Offense

Circle of Illusion

Yi Long Circle

Straight out of a Video Game: Fei Long vs. Yi Long

Fei Long-VS-Yi Long.gif

One Dragon Hypnotism!

Yi Long-One Dragon Shaolin Monk.gif

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