Posted by CANbike on Wed, 12 Feb 2014

Winter Biking Photos (02/12/14)

Bright sunny weather today! Decided to take some more winter infrared and color photographs at Guelph Lake.

Color Photos

Photos were taken with a Sony DSC-TX5 camera.

Guelph Lake-021214-01-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake-021214-02-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake-021214-03-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake-021214-04-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake-021214-05-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake-021214-06-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake-021214-07-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake-021214-08-thumb.jpg

Infrared Photos

Photos were taken with a Sony DSC-V3 + NDX400 filter. GIMP post processing was as follows:

  • Colors -> Components -> Channel Mixer
    • Monochrome
  • Colors -> Auto -> White Balance

Infrared-Guelph Lake-021214-01-thumb.jpgInfrared-Guelph Lake-021214-02-thumb.jpgInfrared-Guelph Lake-021214-03-thumb.jpgInfrared-Guelph Lake-021214-04-thumb.jpgInfrared-Guelph Lake-021214-05-thumb.jpgInfrared-Guelph Lake-021214-06-thumb.jpg