Posted by CANbike on Tue, 29 Jan 2013

[Value Village] WWF Survivor Series 2001 DVD - $3.99

I was visiting a Value Village store and decided to check out the DVD section. Much to my surprise there was an unopened copy of the WWF Survivor Series 2001 DVD for $3.99! That’s right, it’s an Attitude Era DVD without the WWF logo blurring. It’s refreshing to see the good old days of wrestling, even if this event was relatively subpar for their standards.

The most notable thing about this PPV is the “Winner-Take-All Elimination Match” to finally end the infamous invasion angle. Even if the match fails to deliver, it is enough to rejoice the end of the poorly booked storyline. Thankfully, the match was thrilling despite the predictable outcome. WWF vs Team Alliance (WCW and ECW) winner takes all. Obviously WWF wasn’t going to let their own brand fail in a fictional storyline.

The matches are as follows:

  • Team WWF vs Team Alliance Winner-Take-All Elimination Match:
    The Rock, Chris Jericho, Undertaker, Kane, Big Show vs Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, Booker T, Shane McMahon
  • Six-Pack Challenge for the Women’s Championship:
    Lita vs Jacqueline vs Trish vs Ivory vs Mighty Molly vs Jazz
  • Immunity Invitational Battle Royal Match:
    Featuring 22 WCW & WWF Superstars
  • Steel Cage Tag Team Championship Unification Match:
    Hardy Boyz (WWF Tag Team Champions) vs Dudley Boyz (WCW Tag Team Chanpions)
  • Championship Unification Match:
    Edge (WCW U.S. Champion) vs Test (WWF Intercontinental Champion)
  • Tajiri vs Alliance Commissioner William Regal
  • WWF European Championship:
    Christian (Champion) vs Al Snow

From the match listing it’s clear WWF had far too many titles, which diluted their value. This PPV was their way of reducing the number of titles by unifying them.

Currently has this out-of-print DVD listed for $86.99. I found this brand new for $3.99 in Value Village, truly a place for treasure hunts!

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