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The Bargain Hunting Adventures of Merlin: The Complete Second Season - $9.99

It has been a been a privilege to know you, young warlock

Time has not been kind to the BBC Merlin TV series as the price is dropping rapidly.

The other day after grocery shopping, a trip was made to a used video game store to check out the DVDs. Lo and behold, Merlin: The Complete Second Season (DVD) was sitting on the shelf for $9.99. Of course, this made my day and the DVDs were purchased.

Bargain Hunting Adventures

As a BBC series, Merlin can be expensive to purchase on DVD or Blu-ray in Canada. Thankfully, the used market has been a good alternative and it’s getting cheaper!

Merlin: The Complete Fourth Season (Blu-ray) – $24.74

On Saturday April 20 (2013), The Beat Goes On was having their “Record Store Day” sale. As part of the sale, all used music, used movies, and used games were 25% off.

Used Blu-rays were pricey. Merlin: The Complete Fourth Season (Blu-ray) was $32.99. Less the discount, it was on sale for $24.74. It seemed like a good price at the time, and it was! The series finale had been broadcast on television in late December 2012; and online, it was broadcast in the first quarter of 2013. The series was sadly over and fans were seeking out the video releases.

Merlin: The Complete Fifth Season (Blu-ray) – $16.19

On Saturday August 17 (2013), The Beat Goes On was having their “Anniversary Sale”. As part of the celebration, all used music, movies, and games were 40% off.

Used Blu-rays had dropped in price. Merlin: The Complete Fifth Season (Blu-ray) was $26.99. Less the discount, it was on sale for $16.19. Now this was definitely a bargain, especially for the Blu-ray edition. Online prices, on the other hand, varied from $52.59 – $74.99.

Merlin: The Complete Second Season (DVD) – $9.99

On Saturday August 31 (2013), a trip was made to Microplay. There was no special sale, or special deals. It was just regular used and new prices. However, near the top of the box movie sets and TV sets was Merlin: The Complete Second Season (DVD) for $9.99.

Of course the DVD set was purchased immediately. They’re not high definition, but the DVDs were still expensive online. Prices ranged from $41.67 – $61.99!

Anyway, these DVDs for $9.99 were a great bargain. They were a better bargain than Merlin: The Complete Fifth Season (Blu-ray) for $16.19. However, they weren’t as good of a bargain as Star Trek: The Original Series (Season One) DVD – $10.

A Pattern Emerges

The DVDs and Blu-rays were all purchased on Saturdays. What sort of magic is this! Uther Pendragon would not approve of this.

Maybe Morgana had something to do with this?

Brief Random Thoughts on Merlin the Series

  • Merlin was an awesome family friendly TV series.
  • The casts did a wonderful job portraying the characters. Colin Morgan (Merlin), Bradley James (Arthur Pendragon), Katie McGrath (Morgana), Richard Wilson (Gaius), John Hurt (voice of The Great Dragon), Anthony Head (Uther Pendragon), Angel Coulby (Guinevere) were all outstanding.
  • Medieval times featuring knights, fantasy, and a bit of magic. The TV series did a great of job of portraying these times for five seasons. Felt like it could of easily lasted for a few more seasons.
  • The series was unfortunately cancelled after season 5.
  • Fortunately, the writers managed to complete the story arc in the final season. However, some parts were rushed through.

Merlin-Season-2-DVD-$10-01-thumb.jpgMerlin-Season-2-DVD-$10-02-thumb.jpgMerlin-Season-4-Seaon-5-Blu ray-01-thumb.jpgMerlin-Season-4-Seaon-5-Blu ray-02-thumb.jpgMerlin-Set-S2 S4 S5-thumb.jpgMerlin-Set-S2 S5-Receipt-thumb.jpg

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