Posted by CANbike on Wed, 6 Nov 2013

Resource Posted: Professional Wrestling PPVs

A table of professional wrestling matches from PPVs and major events has been created. Organizations covered are ECW, TNA, WCW, and WWE.

There are more than 4000 entries, as most of the PPV matches from 1985 – October, 2013 are indexed in the table.

The table is sortable and searchable to make it more user friendly.

Why Create a Table?

There was a lack of resources to quickly search for matches, or PPV listings. As a result, an interactive table was created. Combined with the search feature, match counts and win/loss records can be approximated. It can be used as a fun historical resource.

The main motive, though, for making this resource, was the number of PPVs released on video. It can be difficult to decide on a video to watch. Normally a video is chosen based on the matches or event. However, sometimes a video is chosen based on a wrestler instead. A tool to quickly view match listings and/or search by key terms would be ideal. Hence the creation of a table of professional wrestling PPVs!


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