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Music Video Cast: Chromeo - Jealous (I Ain't with It)

Listening to the radio, there was this catchy song with a cool beat. Remembering the lyrics “I get jealous. But I’m too cool to admit.” a search was made for the song and artist. Instantly “Jealous (I Ain’t with It)” by Chromeo was found. Another great song by a Canadian duo. Even more surprising, though, was the overly entertaining music video featuring a great cast of characters.

Unfortunately, there was no credit role. As a result, an attempt was made to determine the cast. The following are unofficial incomplete results of an informal investigation, listed in order of appearances in the music video.

They all deserve praise for appearing in a fun music video.

Amra Silajdžić

Amra Silajdžić.png

Amra Silajdžić is a Bosnian American model and actress. She appears at the very start of the music video, in the final wedding scene, and in the last few scenes.

Patrick Gemayel (P-Thugg)

Patrick Gemayel.png

A member of the duo Chromeo, Patrick is known as P-Thugg. He appears throughout the video as a Vegas wedding chapel businessman.

Hugo Weaving?

Hugo Weaving.png

This cast member is unconfirmed, but looks like Nigerian born Hugo Weaving. He appears as the groom of the first wedding couple.

Melissa Kimbro (Zoe Voss)

Melissa Kimbro (Zoe Voss).png

Melissa Kimbro, from Minnesota, is of French and Italian descent. She was a model for three years and then entered the adult industries under the screen name “Zoe Voss”. She plays the bride of the first wedding couple.

David Macklovitch (Dave 1)

David Macklovitch.png

The other member of the duo Chromeo, David is known as Dave 1. He appears throughout the video as a jealous priest who presides over weddings at the chapel.

Elisabeth Ferrara

  • Edit (01/03/15): As per request from Lissy and her manager, the screen capture has been removed. She can be seen at the 41 second mark.

Elisabeth Ferrara, note the spelling with an “s”, is an actress also known as Elizabeth Twaits. She appears as the bride of the second wedding couple.

Wade Crescent

Wade Crescent.png

According to Jen Woodward in her March 19, 2014, blog article “Jealous”, Wade Crescent (right) plays the groom with the bride Elizabeth Ferrara Twaits on the set. His appearance is blurred as focus is on the priest, David Macklovitch (left).

Steven Asbury

Steven Asbury.png

Steven Asbury is model working out of Los Angeles. He is known for his body tattoos and long black hair. Steven appears as the groom of the third wedding couple.

Madison Paige and Soko

Madison Paige and Soko.png

Madison Paige (left) is a model based in New York. Soko (right), real name Stéphanie Sokolinski, is a French singer and actress. Together they play the fifth wedding couple. Of note is their on screen presence and passionate lesbian kissing scene.

Dugan O’Neal

Dugan O'Neal.png

Dugan O’Neal is an actor and writer. He plays the groom of the sixth wedding couple.

Alexandra Tyler

Alexandra Tyler.png

Alexandra Tyler is a model working from Los Angeles. She wonderfully plays the obnoxious girl filing her nails.

A$AP Ferg A$AP Ferg.png

Darold Ferguson, Jr., better known as A$AP Ferg, is an American hip hop recording artist. He makes a cameo appearance as the groom in the last wedding couple scene.

Incomplete Cast

The following are unknown cast members.

  • Bride #3
  • Bride & Groom #4
  • Bride #6

The Music Video: Jealous (I Ain’t with It)

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