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Marianas Trench: Trifecta (Fallout, Desperate Measures, Stutter)

Discovering Their Music

I’m not much of a music fan. However, the other day I was listening to the radio while driving and a certain song caught my attention. The name and artists was unknown to me, but certain lyrics stood out.

Just stutter, stutter, stutter
D-… Did I stutter stutter stutter
D-… Did I stutter stutter stutter
D-… Did I stutter stutter
D-… Did I?

When I arrived home, it was an easy term to google . . . “stutter lyrics”. Top results to appear were Marianas Trench “Stutter”. Upon further inspection, the lyrics seemed familiar. Of course the next step was to confirm the music by checking YouTube. It was a match.

Watching the video I was intrigued even further. The lead singer, Josh Ramsay had a fantastic vocal range and a great on-screen personality. His antics and facial expressions, at times goofy, were priceless in this video. It was comedy at it’s best. In addition, the whole set up and dance routine seamlessly told a story like a film. Obviously the cast had lots of fun making this video.

I had to know more about this band. According to Wikipedia, Marianas Trench is a Canadian pop rock band from Vancouver! On further reading, I discovered two other songs frequently played on the radio that I recognized and liked. Fallout, and Desperate Measures. They too are posted on YouTube. Even cooler, though, the videos are tied together by common themes to tell a story. There is literally a “necklace key” to tie the videos together. In Fallout, a girl (Darla Taylor) is leading Josh on, then cheats on him! In Desperate Measures, Josh decides to stop pining over her, but she (Darla Taylor) wants him back. Finally, in Stutter, Josh meets an attractive Asian girl and stutters as he’s too nervous. At the same time, the ex (Darla Taylor) is hunting Josh down and causing a scene. Ouch!

Band Name: Marianas Trench

The band’s name also intrigued me. Mariana Trench is defined as the deepest part of the ocean. Obviously the band name was a play on words, as the slang meaning of “trench” is too dance, jump, scream and sing, whilst pushing, shoving audience members in the “trench pit” of a concert. A fitting name as Marianas Trench use to be a punk band, which would make them the deepest of trenches. For that matter, the Stutter video was a nice tribute to their punk days.

The Videos

Definitely check out Stutter, as it’s the best of the videos.

Marianas Trench – Fallout

Marianas Trench – Desperate Measures

Marianas Trench – Stutter

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