Posted by CANbike on Sun, 14 Sep 2014

Macaca Nigra Selfie Template with Transparent Background

The Macaca Nigra self-portrait is a fantastic selfie taken by a monkey that went viral. It is in public domain as a photograph taken by a monkey is unprotected intellectual property.

For fun, the background was removed to create a template for other humorous photos.

Macaca Nigra mountain bike

Template Files

The original file can be found at

Templates with transparent backgrounds are available as an .xcf file or .png file

Original File

Template Rotated (Portrait)

Template (Original)

Selfie Photos

The Original Selfie Pose

Macaca Nigra Selfie

Selfie Rotated as a Portrait Photo

Macaca Nigra Selfie Rotated

Macaca Nigra Selfie at Niagara Falls

Macaca Nigra at Niagara Falls

Macaca Nigra at CN Tower in Toronto

Macaca Nigra at CN tower

Macaca Nigra Poses with a Crocodile

Macaca Nigra at Crocodile Farm

Macaca Nigra Mountain Biking at Hydrocut

Macaca Nigra MTB at Hydrocut

Artistic Photos

Band of Monkeys!

Macaca Nigra army

Group Selfie Pose

Macaca Nigra group selfie

Macaca Nigra’s Broadway Musical

Macaca Nigra Kaleidoscope

Macaca Nigras are Watching You From Above

Macaca Nigras-Looking Down

Andy Warhol Style Portrait

Macaca Nigra Tribute to Andy Warhol

Animated GIF

Dude Love

Macaca Nigra-Dude Love.gif