Posted by CANbike on Sat, 12 Oct 2013

Infrared Bike Photos (10/12/13)

More photos taken with the Sony DSC-V3 + NDX400 (9 stops) filter.

Infrared Trail Photos

The Dark Trail to the Lighted Woods

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101213-01

The Historic 1916 Stone Road Bridge

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101213-02

There’s Nowhere to Go in This Tunnel of Plants

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101213-10

The Path to the Top of a Hill Lacking Chlorophyll

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101213-05

A Fortress of Tree Guards Block the Path

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101213-09

A Mountain Bike Taking a Needed Break

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101213-11

Alternate Infrared Photos

A Flow Though Suspended Time

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101213-08

The Historic Stone Road Bridge Frozen in Time

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101213-03

A Spaceship Taking Off!

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101213-06

The Creature from The River Approaches Land

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101213-04

An Albino Plant Up Close

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101213-07

X as in Railroad Crossing

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101213-12

A Path in the Dark Has Been Lit

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101213-13