Posted by CANbike on Fri, 11 Oct 2013

Infrared Bike Photos (10/10/13)

Infrared photos were taken with a Sony DSC-V3 + NDX400 ND filter. Nightshot mode was enabled. Woohoo! This digital camera, released in 2004, still keeps on going.

General post processing steps in GIMP were:

  • Colors -> Hue-Saturation
    • Master saturation: 50
    • Adjust Hue for desired color
  • Colors -> Brightness-Contrast
    • Contrast: 15
  • Adjust Levels

The Blinding Scorching Sun

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101013-01

Bike Sinking Into the Black Abyss

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101013-02

Dangerous Path to a New World – Stay Away!

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101013-03

Admiring the View From A Far

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101013-04

Admiring the View From Up Close

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101013-05

Signs of Civilization

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101013-06

The Unchartered Territories

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101013-07

A Spooky Lonely Rest Area

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101013-08

Approaching the Lost World

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101013-09

Arrival at the Lost World

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101013-10

Remnants of an Old Civilization

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101013-11

Leaving the Lost World

Sony DSC-V3 IR-101013-12