Posted by CANbike on Mon, 4 Feb 2013

[Home Depot] CE Tech HDMI Cable 2-Pack with Adapter - $12.00

I was in Home Depot looking to buy a Toilet Auger, when I passed by the electronic section of the store. There on a table, they were selling miscellaneous stuff for a discounted price. Sitting there were a bunch of these “CE Tech HDMI Cable Version 1.4 2-Pack with Adapter” for $12.00.

At first glance I thought these were expensive since dollar stores sell 3-ft HDMI cables for $2.00, and 6 ft HDMI cables for $3.00-$4.00. However, upon further inspection this includes two 6ft HDMI cables and an adapter. That works out to $4.00 a piece. The cables may be commonly found at discount stores for this price, but the adapter is not. Moreover, the adapter is very useful for fitting the cable in 90° corners like the back of a TV against the wall.

According to the specification on the back of the packaging, these HDMI cables are category 1.4, support 3D over HDMI, and support resolutions up to 4k x 2k (4096 × 2160). Quite a bit better then the category 1.3 cables found in discount stores.

The brand name, though, is an in-house brand and confusing. At first, I thought the logo was E Tech, but upon further searching it’s actually CE Tech as in Commercial Electric Tech. However, it’s a moot point as it’s actually a rebadged brand name. At the bottom right of the back packaging it states “distributed by Home Depot”. Furthermore, for assistance call 1-877-527-0313 a toll free number for Hampton Bay, which an exclusive brand carried by Home Depot.

In the end, the cable is made or rebadged by a ceiling fan and lighting company know as Hampton Bay. Moreover, this company is an exclusive brand carried by Home Depot. Now the cables are on clearance, as the brand is either not recognized or it is not selling well. Possibly it’s also due to the fact that shoppers like myself don’t specifically go to Home Depot looking to buy home electronics. CE TECH HDMI Cable Version 1.4 2 Pack With Adapter

E Tech HDMI 2-Pack with Adapter-01-thumb.jpgE Tech HDMI 2-Pack with Adapter-02-thumb.jpgE Tech HDMI 2-Pack with Adapter-03-thumb.jpgE Tech HDMI 2-Pack with Adapter-04-thumb.jpgE Tech HDMI 2-Pack with Adapter-05-thumb.jpg