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Bud Light - I Love You, Man

In 1995, Bud Light released a commercial that turned into a successful marketing campaign know as “I love you, man”. It was a huge success that spawned multiple commercials including a Super Bowl ad (January 28, 1996) featuring Charlton Heston.

The premise was simple and hilarious. Johnny is having a manly emotional moment, with hallmark like piano music, holding back his tears, and expressing his love for someone. But the recipient would have none of it! “You’re not having my Bud Light” would be the response. It was a hilarious brand marketing success as it coined a catch phrase in the mid nineties.

The following are three of the commercials transcribed in chronological order.

(Dad) I Love You, Man

Johnny: Dad.
Dad: Yep.
Johnny: There’s a, something I want to tell you.
Dad: What is it son?
Johnny: Well dad. You’re my dad, and I love you man.
Dad: You’re not getting my Bud Light Johnny.
Johnny: Frank …
Frank: Forget it Johnny.

(Girlfriend) I Love You, Man

Johnny: Seems like we’ve know each other forever.
Girlfriend: Yeah, I know. Two weeks.
Johnny: Will you marry me? Kamema, I love you man.
Girlfriend: Oh Johnny, you’re not getting my Bud Light.
Girlfriend: Johnny?
Johnny: Jane.
Joan: It’s Joan.
Johnny: Jane, Joan whatever. I feel like I’ve know you forever.

(Charlton Heston) I Love You, Man

Charlton Heston: Just make sure you stay in the chariot Chuck.
I guarantee you’re gonna win the dang race.
Party Crowd: Ha ha ha
Charlton Heston: True story.
Johnny: Ha ha ha ha. You are so special.
That chariot thing you did and the “WATER” stuff.
Ha ha ha. I love you man.
Charlton Heston: You’re not getting my Bud Light.
Frankly son, you frighten me.
Charlton Heston: And it’s more like … I love you man.
Party Crowd: Ha ha ha
(Bud Light quickly appears in Charlton Heston’s hand)
Charlton Heston: See?


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