Restaurant: Beertown (Waterloo)


Name: Beertown
Location: Waterloo Town Square
75 King St. South – Unit 37
Waterloo, Ontario
Date of Dining: February 25, 2013
Website: Beertown
Owner: Charcoal Group
Kids Menu: No
Price: $$


According to Charcoal Group, Beertown “is a fusion of a retro public house and a modern beer bar, built around a ‘chef driven’ kitchen”. That is an accurate description, though it lacks details.

To be more precise the bar area is separated from the dining area by a raised platform and banister. The transition between the two is seamless and uniform in appearance and lighting. In addition, there are HDTVs scattered throughout the complex broadcasting the latest sports news and events. For that matter there are HDTVs in unexpected locations for sports fans to catch every moment of the game.

The atmosphere is moody and nice. But the open layout does result in a noisy but vibrant place. It is “buzzing”, and an ideal place for casual conversations.

Off course with a name like Beertown, patrons can expect an overwhelming selection of alcoholic drinks. The menu for drinks are categorized by types and spans many pages. However, Beertown also recognizes that not everyone is there to drink and they automatically cater to those groups too. It is a friendly seamless transition between a pub and a chef driven restaurant.


The staff is friendly but this is not a kids place. Simply put, there is nothing on the menu for kids. Moreover, there is no entertainment or activities for them either. However, the environment is safe and clean.

Seriously though, with a name like Beertown, what would you expect?


Reservations were booked the same day. Upon arrival, a table was immediately ready and waiting. In other words, no wait time.

They do not offer online reservations.


Men’s washroom was clean, sanitary, and in working order.

Bonus HDTV in Men’s Washroom:

The best part, though, is the large screen HDTV broadcasting the latest sports news or games. That’s right for sports fans! Male patrons will not miss a single play of game. Totally awesome are the only words that come to mind! Big kudos to Beertown for going the extra mile in the name of sports fans.

Unfortunately for the ladies, there was reportedly no such luck.


Service was excellent. The main waiter was patient, polite, and constantly checking on things. In addition, other waiters would check in and make sure our food was satisfactory and cooked to perfection.

The waiting time for the food, though, was rather lengthy. Luckily, I was there to spend the evening and have a long casual conversation so it worked in my favor. Those in a hurry may want to consider looking elsewhere. On the positive side, the food was worth the wait.


The menu selection is small compared to their drink selection. What is available, though, appears to be carefully crafted for quality as everything on the menu looks good.

The following was ordered:

Appetizer: Lettuce Wraps

  • crispy chicken, hoisin garlic chili sauce, fried chow mein, cucumber, carrots, cilantro, sesame seeds, red pepper, bean sprouts, lettuce cups

Iceberg Lettuce was fresh and crisp. No signs of withering. Large leaves were served and left to the customer to form their own wraps. It was a fairly hearty serving. The filling itself was delicious. It was freshly made and there were no signs of shortcuts.

Mains: 10oz New York Striploin

  • Served with grilled vegetables & choice of garlic mashed potatoes, fresh cut fries or ancient grains

Medium-rare steak with garlic mashed potatoes was ordered. They forgot my grilled vegetables. The mash potatoes were freshly made based on the texture, but it was bit a chunky. The serving portion was also rather small. Literally one spoonful. Sort of typical for these places.

The largest steak at 10oz is a bit small. Would of preferred 14oz or heavier. On the positive side, the seasoning and flavor was fantastic. The chef had cooked it to perfection as the steak was nice and juicy. The quality more than made up for the quantity.

Dessert: Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake

  • chocolate cookie crust, raspberry lemon sauce

The desert was very well presented as the slice of cheesecake was quite large. It was also equally enjoyable.

Final Food Thoughts

Despite the name, Beertown, the food was outstanding. Definitely a cut above franchise family dining restaurants (i.e. Swiss Chalet, Kelseys, etc) but short of fine dining. They still have some timing issues in delivering the food. In addition, to the slight omission of side dishes from the main course.

To be fair, the omission was noticed a little late and an issue was not raised; though, I’m positive corrective actions would of been taken by the staff. Nonetheless, the steak mattered the most and it delivered.


Dinner for two cost over $100 (includes taxes and tips). Not cheap but it was worth it for the food. It sounds strange to pay that much for food and drinks at a bar, but Beertown has delivered on the ‘chef driven’ kitchen front.

Would I eat there again?

Maybe. It’s not a place for frequent eating, but definitely a place to try at least once. The dinner menu selection is small, and the food is pricey but worth it.

In the end, Beertown is best suited as a nice casual place for a special celebration or function.