Hand Tool: Somax Saw Set (No. 250)

The Somax Saw Set (No. 250) is plier like tool for setting the teeth on coarse saws with low TPI (4-12).

Somax-Saw Set NO 250 Box

Name: Somax No. 250 Saw Set
Model #: No. 250
Store: Lee Valley Tools
Price: $27.50

Tooth Set

The setting of the teeth on a saw is important. It determines the width of the kerf a saw makes in wood.

  • If a saw is jumping around, the set may be uneven
  • If the saw blade is binding, the set may be too little
  • If the saw is flopping in the cut, the set is too great
  • If the cut curves, the set may be uneven to one side

Why a Saw Set?

There were two primary reasons I purchased a saw set. First, after use of a saw, the set may be off. This could be caused by normal use, wearing of the teeth, or pinching of the blade in a log. Second, most bow saw blades found locally in store are cheaply made. They are mass produced by machines and the set is often uneven and off to one side.

The set may be corrected by using pliers, or a punch and hammer. However, results will often be inconsistent. A saw set, on the other hand, can quickly and easily reset the teeth at a constant angle.

Price and Availability

The Somax coarse saw set was found at Lee Valley Tools for $27.50. It was the only one I could find locally. None of the hardware store (Home Depot, Lowes, Rona, Home Hardware, Canadian Tires, Sears) carried such an item. For that matter, amazon.ca did not carry saw sets either.


Instruction were simple:

  1. Insert a saw tooth between the anvil and plunger
  2. Loosen the screw to adjust the anvil
  3. Rotate the anvil to the angle of the saw tooth
  4. Tighten the screw to fix the anvil
  5. Squeeze the handles lightly to set the tooth
  6. Repeat the previous step for every other tooth
  7. Rotate the saw 180°, and set the remaining teeth


The tool worked well to produce fast and consistent results. No issues or complaints. It was tested on bow saw blades and hand saw blades with great results.

Initially I was hesitant to purchase this due to the high price. However, after use it was easily worth it. It was fast, efficient, and it reset a number of saw blades with hardened tips. They now cut more fluidly.

Overall 4.5 out of 5

The Somax Saw Set (No. 250) worked well. Pliers or a punch and hammer are poor alternatives to this tool.

Price was a bit high, but there weren’t any alternatives at the local hardware stores or major online retailers. However, considering the number of saw blades it can quickly and easily reset makes the tool worth the cost.

Somax-Saw Set NO 250-01-thumb.jpgSomax-Saw Set NO 250-02-thumb.jpgSomax-Saw Set NO 250-03-thumb.jpgSomax-Saw Set NO 250-04-thumb.jpgSomax-Saw Set NO 250-05-thumb.jpgSomax-Saw Set NO 250-06-thumb.jpgSomax-Saw Set NO 250-07-thumb.jpgSomax-Saw Set NO 250-08-thumb.jpgSomax-Saw Set NO 250-09-thumb.jpgSomax-Saw Set NO 250-10-thumb.jpgSomax-Saw Set NO 250-11-thumb.jpg

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