Garden Tool: True Temper T-350 Series Turf Edger (GTEDLW)

True Temper-Turf Edger-GTEDLW-01

Name: True Temper T-350 Series Turf Edger
Model #: GTEDLW
Made: Canada
Store: Lowes
Price: $22.97

The following is a mini-review of the True Temper T-350 Series Turf Edger (GTEDLW). It is part of the T-350 series line of tools, designed for everyday commercial use.

It features a tempered steel blade, steel handle, and premium ash handle.

Half Moon Turf Edgers

Half moon edgers are ideal manual tools for edging sidewalks, garden beds, and driveways. The sharp blade is designed to cut through sod and soil easily.


Step down firmly on the straight edge of the “moon” and rock the blade to the left and right. Move it roughly 6 inches, and repeat.


Use the straight edge as guide for the depth of cut.

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5

The turf edger worked well as it was heavy duty. It cut through the grass and sod with ease. In addition it was strong enough to lever and pull out the sod from the ground. The blade itself was also durable. Despite knocking into a few rocks, the blade stayed true to form and remained sharp. It definitely looks like it will last a long time.

Compared to in-store alternatives, the price was 30% more expensive than it’s competitors and the T-150 series model. However, those were designed for occasional light duty work.

Overall, the True Temper T-350 Series Turf Edger (GTEDLW) was fun to use. Focus was on the gardening due to effectiveness of the tool. The only minor point was the price, but it was easily worth it for the extra strength and durability.


T-350 Commercial Duty Turf Edger Label

True Temper-Turf Edger-GTEDLW-02

The Half Moon Steel Tempered Blade

True Temper-Turf Edger-GTEDLW-03

Made in Canada Sticker on the Back

True Temper-Turf Edger-GTEDLW-04

The Steel Handle and Ash Grip

True Temper-Turf Edger-GTEDLW-05

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