Garden Tool: True Temper T-250 Series Pick Mattock (5LBS) CAP19LW

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Name: True Temper T-250 Series Pick & Mattock (5LBS)
Model #: CAP19LW
Store: Lowes
Price: $37.99
Assembly: Canada

The True Temper T-250 Series Pick Mattock (5LBS) CAP19LW is a medium duty tool designed for professional but occasional use.

Pick and Mattock

A Pick and Mattock is a versatile tool for grubbing in hard soils and rocky terrain.

  • The wide end, mattock, is used for breaking up soft ground.
  • The narrow end, pick, is made of hardened steel. It is used to break up hard and stony ground. In addition the pick can also be used to lever rocks out of the ground.

Tool Availability

It was hard to find a good pick and mattock at a decent price. Most of the local hardware stores were lining their shelves with power tools, while the manual tools were given a small section. Within those sections, stores would carry very few models of a pick and mattock.

Luckily, though, four out of five hardware stores are located in the same shopping complex for an easy comparison! TSC Stores, however, was the exception.

Canadian Tires: Yardworks Pro-Grade Mattock and Pick for $24.99

The 2.5 lbs version was more like a clay pick with a narrow mattock for hard surfaces. The 5 lbs version had an extra wide scoop-shaped mattock. Price was the cheapest, but neither mattock had the standard flat 3.5” width. Otherwise, the tools looked good for the price. Heads were forged in Mexico.

Home Depot: Rockforge Pick Mattock with Hickory Handle for $43.99

The Rockforge had a 5 lb head. It was the most expensive mattock found with a wooden handle, yet it felt like the cheapest and weakest model. In hand, the balance was off and it felt like the handle would snap-off with little force. It’s probably suited only for light duty work.

Lowes: True Temper T-250 Series Clay Pick for $32.99

The clay pick had a 6 lb head with a narrow mattock for hard surfaces.

Lowes: True Temper T-250 Series Pick Mattock for $37.99

The model that was purchased. It features a standard 5 lb head with a 3.5” wide mattock and pick.

Rona: Garant Pick & Mattock (CAP19) for $39.99

This looked exactly the same as the True Temper version, but with different branding and colors. According to Wikipedia, Ames True Temper owns several brands including Garant.

TSC Stores: Garant Pick & Mattock (CAP19) for $39.99

Again, this looked exactly the same as the True Temper version, but with different branding and colors.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

The True Temper T-250 Series Pick Mattock (CAP19LW) is good but not great. It, along with the Garant branded version, were the best locally found tools in terms of handling, features, construction, and price.

According to the T-250 Series specification, this is a medium duty tool. It’s designed for professional but occasional use which is an accurate rating. Despite the 5 lb head, the tool doesn’t feel like a heavy duty tool; although, it is solid in construction. It is, however, the handle guard that lacks the toughness of the steel head or wooden handle; even though it may prevent the shaft from coming loose or slipping while striking,

The head, was forged in China and the tool was assembled in Canada. The mattock came sharpened, while the pick was squarish in shape. They both came with a protective guard, which was a nice bonus.

The handle is made of hickory with a natural finish and the end is textured for an improved grip. The tool, despite the weight, was comfortable to hold. Balance was also good, with no wobble.

An overstrike guard is situated between the handle and the head for additional protection. The guard will absorb an overstrike hit and limit the impact on the handle, thus reducing the chance of breaking.

Price was an issue. At $37.99 it was neither the cheapest nor the most expensive. However, it is expensive for a simple tool with no movable parts. Personally, if there weren’t an immediate need for this, I would of looked for an older pick and mattock at a flea market or garage sale.

Nonetheless, this tool was used for edging in the garden. An edger was used to cut a line, and the mattock was used to quickly dig up the turf. It was a light duty task, but the mattock pulled the turf up with ease and was sharp enough to cut through the sod, roots, and weeds. There were some stones which were mostly a non-issue. The larger soft-ball sized rocks, on the other hand, required the pick to dig them up and lever them out. In the end, the tool worked well and the mattock excelled at grubbing in the garden.

Overall, the True Temper T-250 Series Pick Mattock (CAP19LW) was the best of the models found at local hardware stores. First, it featured a standard 5 lb head with a 3.5” wide sharpened mattock and an overstrike guard. Second, the construction was solid. Unfortunately, it felt underwhelming due to the expensive price.


T-250 Series Medium Duty Label

True Temper-5LBS-Pick-Mattock-CAP19LW-02

Textured Yellow Handle End

True Temper-5LBS-Pick-Mattock-CAP19LW-03

Overstrike Guard Protection

True Temper-5LBS-Pick-Mattock-CAP19LW-04

Angled Photo of the Head and Guard

True Temper-5LBS-Pick-Mattock-CAP19LW-05

True Temper Etched Label on the Handle

True Temper-5LBS-Pick-Mattock-CAP19LW-06

The Mattock and Blade Gaurd

True Temper-5LBS-Pick-Mattock-CAP19LW-07

The Pick and Its Guard

True Temper-5LBS-Pick-Mattock-CAP19LW-08

Wear Goggles When Striking with this Dangerous Tool!

True Temper-5LBS-Pick-Mattock-CAP19LW-09

This CAP19LW was Assembled in Canada

True Temper-5LBS-Pick-Mattock-CAP19LW-10

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