Garden Tool: Fiskars Coring Aerator 9862

Fiskars Coring Aerator-9862-01

Name: Fiskars Coring Aerator
Model #: 9862
Store: Home Depot
Price: $29.99

The Fiskars Coring Aerator (9862) is a manual garden tool for aerating a garden. It pulls out 4” plugs of grass and soil.


  1. Step on the tool to drive the 4” cores into the ground
  2. Pull the tool out of the ground using the handles
  3. Repeat steps 1-2

Each step will clear out the previous plug of soil through the top of the stepping platform. However, the final plug needs to be removed by hand with a stick.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

This tool was found at Home Depot for $29.99. Immediate impression was poor due to the expensive price tag. But, there were no other alternative manual aerator tools available at local hardware stores. In addition, the Fiskars Coring Aerator (9862) was no longer listed on Fiskars American website, though it was still listed on the Canadian site at Given the lack of options and desire for a manual tool, this was purchased.

On an aside note, according to the Fiskars Coring Aerator is discontinued by the manufacturer.

Upon inspection, the tool looks well constructed. With the exception of the plastic handle covers, the tool is made of a thick steel tubing with heavily welded joints. As for the steel tube cores, they are over 4 inches long and tapered at the end. In addition, the ends were sharpened and can be resharpened.

In terms of design, the stepping foot platform is large and textured for improved traction. Even work boots will easily fit between the tubing without issue.

Testing was performed after a few rainy days, as it was far easier to dig when the ground was soft and wet. Anyway, coring holes were dug every 10” for around 700 feet in length. Although, it took over an hour, it was surprisingly simple and relaxing to do. Despite the ground having stones, it was a non issue. The steel cores would dig into the ground easily by stepping onto the foot platform. If there was some resistance, rocking the handles was often enough to break through the ground. However, on a few occasions, rocks buried in the ground would prevent digging all the way through. In those case, holes would be dug 1” further away.

Honestly, aerating the lawn was a lot easier than expected! The tool easily cut through dirt and thatches. Moreover, the cores never got clogged or jammed. They would always clear out on the next step. As a result, a rhythm was formed when digging and it felt like a leisurely pleasant exercise.

The cores dug out were 4 inches in length and more than ¾” in diameter. It was an excellent size for aerating the grass.

After an hour of use, the Fiskars Coring Aerator (9862) was still fun to use. Its’ effectiveness at core digging was very surprising. Initially there were concerns about the high cost; but after aerating the lawn, the tool felt like it justified the price due to the durable construction and ease of use. It simply just worked.

One minor issue, though, occurred with the last core dug out. Due to the design, a stick was required to clean out the dirt and thatch from the bottom steel tubes. It could be left in there if frequently used, but I recommend cleaning the aerator for long term storage.

Overall the Fiskars Coring Aerator (9862) is highly recommended. Durable construction and easy to use with no moving parts makes it a joy to use. However the price is high, though justifiable, and the tool may be discontinued. Thankfully, though, it can still be found in Canada.


Photographs were taken after using this in the garden. Unfortunately, it was not thoroughly cleaned for the photo shoot due to further aeration needs. Sorry!

Lifetime Warranty for the Fiskars Coring Aerator

Fiskars Coring Aerator-9862-02

Soft Grips on the Handlebars

Fiskars Coring Aerator-9862-03

Large Arch Leaves Plenty of Room for Work Boots

Fiskars Coring Aerator-9862-04

Textured Foot Platform

Fiskars Coring Aerator-9862-05

Four Inch Steel Cores

Fiskars Coring Aerator-9862-06

Diameter Greater Than ¾”

Fiskars Coring Aerator-9862-07

Welded Joint on the Foot Platform

Fiskars Coring Aerator-9862-08

Welded Frame Joint

Fiskars Coring Aerator-9862-09

Underside View of the Platform

Fiskars Coring Aerator-9862-10

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