Garden Accessory: Corona Sharpening Tool - AC 8300

Corona Sharpening Tool-AC 8300

Name: Corona Sharpening Tool
Model #: AC 8300
Store: Lowes
Price: $8.98
Length: 5”


The Corona Sharpening Tool (AC 8300) is a small portable accessory designed for sharpening pruners, loppers, shears and more. It was found locally in-store at Lowes for $8.98.

Compared to sharpening stones, it is expensive. However, they were not designed for sharpening garden tools. The Corona Sharpening Tool (AC 8300), on the other hand, features a small sharpening stone on the end of a metal stick. As a result, the garden tool can be held stationary, while the sharpening tool is scraped along the blades edge. For curved by-pass blades, this is far more efficient and effective at reaching the intersecting inner edges.

A black plastic cap is also included for covering the sharpening stone. The cap is flexible and will prevent the stone from inadvertently scratching things.

Measured dimensions are 5” x ⅝” x ¼” with the plastic cap on. It’s small, compact, and easily pocketable.

Test were performed on some dull loppers and pruners. With 5 strokes on the cutting edge and 1 stroke on the flat side, both tool blades were very sharp to the touch. Don’t touch too hard or you’ll cut yourself!

Overall, the Corona Sharpening Tool (AC 8300) is highly recommended. It’s simple, compact, and effective at sharpening pruning tools. As a result, the price of $8.98 seems like a bargain.

Sharpening Instructions

Corona Sharpening Tool-AC 8300 Sharpening Instructions

The following are altered instruction for sharpening pruners, loppers, and shears. They differ from Corona’s instructions, as the tool should be cleaned first and coated with oil. The oil coating will help to form a smoother edge while sharpening, and help to prevent rust.

Sharpening Instructions for Pruners, Loppers, and Shears

  • Clean the blade(s)
    • Use a toothbrush to scrub away plant residue
    • Coat the blade with oil (WD-40)
    • Wipe away excess oil with newspaper
  • Maintain the same factory bevel or angle of the cutting edge when sharpening
  • File the bevel edge from the pivot toward the tip four or five times and check the edge
  • File the flat side of the blade once, with the file against the blade, to remove burrs caused by sharpening

Corona Tools Video Instructions for AC 8300


Corona Sharpening Tool-AC 8300-01
Corona Sharpening Tool-AC 8300-02
Corona Sharpening Tool-AC 8300-03

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