Folding Saw Initial Impression: Corona Razor Tooth - 10" (RS 7265)

Corona Razor Tooth Folding Saw 10 (RS-7265)

Name: Corona Razor Tooth Folding Saw – 10 in
Model #: RS 7265
Store: Lowes
Price: $19.98
Blade: Peg
Blade Length: 10”
Folded Saw Length: 12”

The Corona Razor Tooth Folding Saw – 10 in is a folding saw designed for pruning small to medium branches. Found it locally in store at Lowes for $19.98.

  • Features a safety locking switch for the folded and unfolded position
  • 3-Sided razor teeth for efficient cutting, 10” blade
  • Impulse-hardened teeth for long service life
  • Curved-blade design for faster cutting
  • Replaceable, curved, taper-ground folding blade
  • Ergonomically designed, comfortable, co-molded handle

According to informal research on various arborist forums, this is the number two favorite folding saw. It is only bested by Japanese Silky folding saws and often compared with the Bahco Laplander.

Initial impressions of the blade were good. The teeth are hardened and the blade is curved for more efficient cutting. The curve design reduces friction and pinching of the branch onto the blade. The blade length from end tooth to end tooth was 10 inches, and even longer if measured along the arc. In theory, this could reasonably cut logs up to 6” in diameter.

Blades are user replaceable via a single screw. Replacement blades cost around $13-$14, but they weren’t available in store.

Saw teeth were sharp, aggressive, and fairly large. Saw profile was designed to cut on the pull stroke.

Overall length of the folded saw was 12”.

Design and construction of the handle was satisfactory but underwhelming. The plastic seems strong enough for moderate abuse but it seems a bit light and flimsy. However the ergonomic curves were comfortable and ideal for cutting. In addition, the bright red color stands out nicely on the ground and amongst foliage.

Folding and unfolding the saw was simple with the press of button at the top of the saw. Moving the blade was smooth. Unfolded, the saw felt solid and locked in place. Folded, was a different matter. The blade was locked in place but there was bit of flex both laterally and perpendicularly inside the handle. In addition, due to the curved handle, parts of the teeth were still visible. In other words, they could still easily get snagged onto loose items if tossed into a bag. A holster or sheath might be more suitable.

A lanyard hole located on the handle, is useless as the saw teeth protrude through it. Most likely, a lanyard will eventually get frayed or cut from constant contact with the teeth.

What matters most with a saw is the blade. In this case, the Corona Razor Tooth Folding Saw – 10 in excels with hardened aggressive teeth and a curved profile. The handle, on the other, looks durable enough for normal usage. However, due to the size of the saw, exposed teeth when folded, and poorly designed lanyard hole, it’s best suited for pruning activities. As a survival saw or backpacking saw it probably won’t last due to the handle, though, it would be excellent for campsite use.

Corona Razor Tooth Folding Saw 10-RS 7265-01-thumb.jpgCorona Razor Tooth Folding Saw 10-RS 7265-02-thumb.jpgCorona Razor Tooth Folding Saw 10-RS 7265-03-thumb.jpgCorona Razor Tooth Folding Saw 10-RS 7265-04-thumb.jpgCorona Razor Tooth Folding Saw 10-RS 7265-05-thumb.jpgCorona Razor Tooth Folding Saw 10-RS 7265-06-thumb.jpgCorona Razor Tooth Folding Saw 10-RS 7265-07-thumb.jpg

Corona RS-7265 vs. Bacho PG-72

The Bacho PG-72 is another popular folding saw for a similar price. Below is a brief comparison of initial impressions.

Corona RS-7265 Bacho PG-72
Blade Length: 10” 7½”
Folded Length: 12” 9⅛”
Store: Lowes MEC
Price: $19.98 $17.75

Corona RS-7265 Advantages

  • Availability at big box stores
  • Longer more aggressive curved blade cuts more efficiently
  • Replacement blades are the same
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Smoother switch

Bacho PG-72 Advantages

  • Slightly cheaper price
  • Cuts on the pull and push stroke
  • Stronger more durable plastic handle
  • Compact design
  • Lighter weight
  • Better switch design prevents accidental unfolding of saw
  • Better folded design (no teeth exposed)
  • Lanyard hole (no teeth protruding)
  • Multiple replacement blades, except for default blade
    • Either better or worse blade can be purchased
    • Default replacement blade not available for purchase
  • Brighter more appealing orange color

Closing Words

If the objective is too cut logs, then Corona RS-7265 is the better saw. It’s longer blade and more aggressive teeth make it much more efficient for cutting 6” diameter logs.

However, as an emergency saw or backpacking saw with occasional cutting requirements, the Bacho PG-72 is the better saw. It’s lighter, more compact, more durable, and has a better folded design. In addition, it’s also very efficient at sawing 4” diameter logs.

In the end, the Bacho PG-72 is the preferred folding saw for tossing into a backpack for unexpected on the trail use, while the Corona RS-7265 is preferred for trail clearing or larger sawing jobs.

Corona RS 7265-vs-Bahco PG-72-01-thumb.jpgCorona RS 7265-vs-Bahco PG-72-02-thumb.jpgCorona RS 7265-vs-Bahco PG-72-03-thumb.jpgCorona RS 7265-vs-Bahco PG-72-04-thumb.jpgCorona RS 7265-vs-Bahco PG-72-05-thumb.jpgCorona RS 7265-vs-Bahco PG-72-06-thumb.jpg

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