Flashlight: Energizer Weatheready LED Folding Lantern (FL452WRBP)

Cost: $10
Data Sheet: http://data.energizer.com/PDFs/fl452wr.pdf
Power Source: 4 D
Batteries Included: No
Range: N/A
Low Mode: 80 lumens / 135 hours
Weather Resistance: No
Mode(s): High / Low / Nightlight

The Weatheready LED Folding Lantern (FL452WRBP) is a lantern designed for indoor use.

Unlike the other Energizer lights, batteries were not included.

Doing a web search for reviews, this lantern received a lot of praise as an emergency light for blackout victims.

Indeed, this lantern uses 8 LEDs to output enough lumens to light up a room. Moreover, a long runtime allows it to last for several nights.

The lantern can be used in either a 180° mode (with a reflective back mirror), or it can be raised for a 360° mode.

On the back, there’s a sliding switch with four settings (nightlight / off / low / high). The nightlight uses an amber LED. The low and high modes use 8 LEDs. Between the low and high mode, I noticed only a slight difference. However, both modes were bright enough to light up a room as claimed on the packaging. Of the two modes, I would stick with low for the longer runtime.

Lift the LED lights up, to reveal the mirror and battery cover underneath. The cover has two dials with slots to rotate the latches. At first it looks like quarter or screwdriver would be required to rotate them. However, I was able to use the tip of my thumb and fingers to turn the dials and open the cover.

There is no weather sealing; as a result, this light is strictly for indoor use.

When 4 D-cell batteries are installed, this FL452WRBP is stable enough to stand up on it’s own. It’s also sturdy enough, when the LEDs are raised up to 360° mode. However, I would still be cautious about knocking it over. The plastic housing is solid but not rugged.

At $10, there’s very little that can compete with the FL452WRBP as an emergency preparedness light in this price range. It’s has a relatively compact and portable design that is very light (525g without batteries) to carry. Eight LEDs, 80 lumens, and 135 hour runtime is hard to beat in an emergency. Moreover, the LED lantern is safer to use then a propane lantern, and it has longer runtime using four commonly available D-cell batteries.

As an emergency preparedness light, Energizer has done a fantastic job in designing this unique LED lantern.

Buy a unit for each room, some D-cell batteries, and flashlights to complement it.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Energizer-Weatheready-LED Folding Lantern-FL452WRBP-01-thumb.jpgEnergizer-Weatheready-LED Folding Lantern-FL452WRBP-02-thumb.jpgEnergizer-Weatheready-LED Folding Lantern-FL452WRBP-03-thumb.jpgEnergizer-Weatheready-LED Folding Lantern-FL452WRBP-04-thumb.jpgEnergizer-Weatheready-LED Folding Lantern-FL452WRBP-05-thumb.jpgEnergizer-Weatheready-LED Folding Lantern-FL452WRBP-06-thumb.jpgEnergizer-Weatheready-LED Folding Lantern-FL452WRBP-07-thumb.jpgEnergizer-Weatheready-LED Folding Lantern-FL452WRBP-08-thumb.jpg

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