Flashlight: Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS)

The Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS) was found in Canada on retail store shelves. What caught my attention wasn’t the specifications but the design of the floating lantern greatly resembles the number one lantern in Australia and New Zealand!

Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS)

Cost: $15.97
Power Source: 6V Lantern Battery
Battery Included: Yes
Range: N/A
Claimed Ratings (FL 1): 150 lumens / 35 hours / Water Resistant
Weather Resistance: Yes
Mode(s): High

LED Eveready Dolphin Rebadged for North America?

The Eveready Dolphin is the most popular floating lantern sold in Australia and New Zealand. Over 20 million units have been sold over 45 years. It is so popular, Eveready has made a website just for this product, made a series of commercials featuring only this lantern, and created a product line based on the Dolphin.

They are very popular due to being cheap, reliable, tough, rugged, and weather resistant. In addition they float on water. As a result these lights have become an essential household item due to blackouts, weather, water and terrain.

However, in North America they are not as popular. A few incandescent models have been sold under the Energizer name (which owns Eveready) but that was it till 2015. In July, the Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS) was spotted on Canadian store shelves. The label indicated it was new for 2015,

Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS)-2015 Label

Examining the molding revealed the label DOLBLED2
DOLBLED2-A Rebadged Eveready Dolphin For Canada

Thus it looks like an Eveready Dolphin. It’s made by Energizer Holdings, the parent company of Eveready, and it includes an Eveready Super Heavy Duty Lantern battery.

But, the latest LED Dolphin (2013) specifications are different and older.

LED Dolphin (2013)

  • Tough, Waterproof and Floats
  • 100 Lumens (40 per cent brighter than Xenon bulb)
  • 365 metres beam distance
  • 47.5 hours runtime (six times longer than MK6 Xenon – using Eveready Super Heavy Duty 6V Battery 1209)
  • Impact resistant
  • Convenient anti-roll shape, with recessed push button to avoid switching on the lantern involuntary
  • Comfortable rubber handle for firmer grip and improved comfort
  • Power source 6V battery (not included)
  • Dolphin LED Lantern torch RRP is AUD$27.99

Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS)

  • Water resistant (IPX4)
  • 150 Lumens
  • 35 hours runtime (using Eveready Super Heavy Duty 6V Battery 1209)
  • Power source 6V battery (included)

Nonetheless, the Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS) is close enough for me! The LED is newer, and the design is the same. The recessed switch is rubber sealed, the thread contains a giant rubber O-ring, and the lens protector is glued. In addition, the molding is tough, and a plastic holder keeps the battery in place. It’s a huge improvement over the usual 6V floating lanterns found in North America.

Update (07/12/15): It is a Dolphin

The Eveready Dolphin LED Lantern has the model code DOLBLED. See product data sheet http://data.energizer.com/PDFs/dolbled_AP.pdf for details. It is IPX4 rated meaning it continues to operate after exposure to splashing water from all directions. As result, this officially makes the Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS) a.k.a DOLBLED2 a sequel to the Eveready LED Dolphin!

Examining the WRFLN6VS

The lantern body is large and easy to locate in an emergency as the bright red color stands out.
Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS)-Angle

A large front reflector results in great throw and spill for a lantern. The front sticker however was difficult to remove as it left a residue of glue.
Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS)-Front

Top switch is rubberized and completely sealed.
Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS)-Rubberized Switch

Unwinding the lantern thread was difficult. There’s a super tight seal due to a thick rubber ring. The trick to opening the lantern is hold the flashlight body between your knees, and rotate the reflector head counter clock-wise with both your hands.
Image from http://www.dolphintorches.com/home/faq
Replacing Battery-Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS).png

Large plastic threads and O-ring were revealed.
Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS)-Opened

Inside the lantern body was a plastic retainer clip and a sealed 6V lantern battery.
Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS)-Inside the Housing

Plastic retainer clip and battery removed from the lantern.
Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS)-Head Case Battery and Holder

Further Disassembly

The next step was to disassemble the reflector to examine the LED and to determine if the Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS) can be easily modified.

Here’s the front of the reflector.
Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS)-Reflector Head

Flipped over, the back reveals four screws.
Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS)-Back of Reflector

Remove the three black screws to access the LED and the heatsink.
Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS)-Access to LED and Heatsink

A simple and easily modifiable design! Two wires to mess with. The red is positive, and the green is negative. The green wire can easily be cut and a resistor spliced in to reduce the current.
Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS)-LED Wiring

On the other side of the heatsink is the LED, a Samsung LH351A.
Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS)-Samsung LED (LH351A)

Close up photo of the LED.
Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS)-Samsung LED (LH351A) Close Up

Current measured from a nearly fresh lantern battery was 575mA. Based on the LH351A specification, this would result in 150-200 lumens depending on binning.

Also, the Samsung LED is throwy. Combined with a large reflector makes for a great outdoor flashlight.


There are many reasons to like the Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS).


It’s made of thick durable plastic that can take a beating.


One button, single mode operation. In an emergency, the light can be handed to anyone and they will know how to use it.

Weather Resistant

The lantern has been designed to withstand the elements. A recessed switch is covered by a sealed rubberized cap. Lantern thread has a large rubber O-ring to keep water out.

There is no claim to being waterproof but it doesn’t need it. The lantern floats on water, reflector head side up. Combine this with the rubberized features, and it will continue to run problem free. Just don’t submerge and hold the lantern underwater.

Anti-Roll Design

A rectangular design prevents the light from rolling. Tail standing is also very steady, given the large base.

Indoor/Outdoor Use

The light is very throwy thanks to the Samsung LH351A LED and large reflector. However there is also good spill. As a result, it works great outdoors for spotting items at a distance, and well indoors due to the spill. Tail stand the lantern and it will light up a room.

Easy Modifications

The led and wires can easily be accessed via three screws. It would be very easy to cut the negative wire, add a resistor, to reduce the current and increase runtime.


Cost was $15.97. Twice that of an Eveready Floating Lantern. However, it is 3x as bright, but at a third of the runtime. Main advantages though are the increased durability, added water resistance, larger reflector, better led, and all around better usability.

In Australia the RRP for the equivalent Eveready LED Dolphin is AUD$27.99 and it does not include a battery. That’s roughly CAD$26.40.

The price seems a little high, but considering nothing else competes with it at this price point, it is a bargain. Especially given it’s outdoor reliability for emergencies and blackouts.


It’s a big bulky flashlight to keep at home or in the vehicle. The large size reduces portability, but makes it hard to lose and easy to locate in the dark.

Overall 5 out of 5

No other utilitarian light beats the Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS) at the $15.97 price point. A tough, durable, and reliable weather resistant outdoor light, with a long runtime, that floats on water light side up, and can throw a beam.

The Dolphins are invading Canada! They’ve already invaded my home!

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