Flashlight: Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS - DOLBLED3R)

Energizer has updated the Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS) with a new LED!


Looking to buy another Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS) on August 17, 2016, a subtle change was noted at the local retailers. The flashlight contained a new molded label of DOLBLED3R and the specifications stated higher lumens with a shorter runtime.

What’s New?


The LED and light is different. The body is the same. Energizer used the same model number but updated the molded label.

Warm Beam

At first there were doubts about this new LED versus the previous Samsung LH351A. But that was quickly cast aside as the new LED emitted a much nicer and pleasant warm color. Hurray for the warm led! Initial impressions were that the color and spill were similar to some nice Nichia LEDs.


This LED was unfamiliar looking. After checking a few references, it was confirmed to be a Nichia led by its design! More specifically, it looks like a NVSLE21A? However, this has not been officially confirmed other than by comparing pictures and specs.

Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS)-Nichia LED (NVSWE21A).jpg

Molded Label

New label is DOLBLED3R, old label was DOLBLED2.

DOLBLED3R-A Rebadged Eveready Dolphin.jpg

Model Number

Energizer kept the same model number of WRFLN6VS.

Energizer Weatheready Floating Lantern (WRFLN6VS)-DOLBLED3R Label.jpg


Brighter beam and shorter runtime are the new specifications on the packaging.


Lumens: 200 150
Runtime: 25 hours 35 hours
Weather Resistance: Yes Yes

Final Thoughts

Higher lumens and a shorter runtime were initial disappointments for this flashlight especially when past designs emphasized on it being a long lasting emergency light. Thankfully the DOLBLED3R can easily be modified for longer runtimes with a resistor.

On the positive side, the Nichia LED is a nice upgrade from the previous Samsung LH351A thanks to the warm color cast.

As it stands, the DOLBLED2 is better than the DOLBLED3R for general emergency use due to its longer runtime. Add a resistor to decrease lumens and increase runtime and the DOLBLED3R becomes the better flashlight with an improved beam profile and color.

Buy the DOLBLED3R if you plan to modify it!

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