Flashlight: Energizer Weatheready Compact Led Light (WRCLD41E)

Cost: $5.00
Data Sheet: http://data.energizer.com/PDFs/wrcld41e.pdf
Power Source: 4 AA
Batteries Included: Yes
Range: N/A
Flashlight: 19 lumens / 77 hours
Weather Resistance: No
Mode(s): Flashlight

The Weatheready Compact Led Light (WRCLD41E) is a regular flashlight with a long runtime.

On the positive side, it has a nice wide base for storing it in a vertical position. In addition, it has a nice rubber texture.

On the negative side, it’s too short and uses a cartridge to hold the 4 AA batteries. First, the width is wide like a D-cell flashlight but the length is too short. It just feels like it’s going to fall out of the hand. The problem is even more noticeable compared to the WRTWL41E, which has a longer length and the lanyard for grip free holding of the light. Second, it uses a cartridge which is a cost cutting step, and another piece of the light to lose.

By itself, the light is fairly nice. However, the WRTWL41E gains a lot of features for an additional $2.50. It gains a lantern mode, nightlight mode, lanyard, weather resistance, and slightly longer profile.

However, this light outputs less lumens for an even longer runtime of 77h.

As a single mode flashlight for around the house use, this is a good choice as it uses regular AA batteries.

The switch is large and simple to slide. However, it is sensitive and easy to accidentally slide on.

The flashlight beam profile is nice and like a spotlight with no hot spots. It uses two LEDS.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Energizer Weatheready-Compact LED Light-WRCLD41E-01-thumb.jpgEnergizer Weatheready-Compact LED Light-WRCLD41E-02-thumb.jpgEnergizer Weatheready-Compact LED Light-WRCLD41E-03-thumb.jpgEnergizer Weatheready-Compact LED Light-WRCLD41E-04-thumb.jpgEnergizer Weatheready-Compact LED Light-WRCLD41E-05-thumb.jpgEnergizer Weatheready-Compact LED Light-WRCLD41E-06-thumb.jpg

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