Flashlight: Energizer Weatheready 3 in 1 Led Light (WRTWL41E)

Cost: $7.50
Data Sheet: http://data.energizer.com/PDFs/wrtwl41e.pdf
Power Source: 4 AA
Batteries Included: Yes
Range: 42 meters
Flashlight: 27 lumens / 60 hours
Lantern: 40 lumens / 40 hours
Weather Resistance: Yes, but not rated
Mode(s): Flashlight / Lantern / Nightlight

The Weatheready 3 in 1 Led Light (WRTWL41E) was surprising well thought out and designed for a low cost flashlight.

The three modes (flashlight, lantern, nightlight) are practical in emergency situations, and for camping. Moreover, the modes are cycled through the click of single button.

An elastic lanyard is attached to the base of the light and can be connected to the head of the light. When clipped to the head of the light, it is surprisingly useful as it prevents the light from slipping from the operators hand. Even with straight fingers between the light and the lanyard, the flashlight won’t fall. In other words, finger grip free holding of the light.

There is an O-ring at the head of the light and the mode button is rubberized. Although not rated, this light has some form of weather resistance.

On the negative side is the cartridge for the the 4 AA batteries. It’s a poor design to keep cost down. I don’t like them, as it mean an additional piece that could be lost, and it’s often a point of failure.

Nonetheless, this light is fantastic for emergency use. Furthermore, at $7.50, it’s cheap enough to buy a bunch for distribution around the home.

The flashlight beam profile is nice and like a spotlight with no hot spots. It uses two LEDS.

The lantern mode is also nice thanks to a frosted plastic covering, making it easy on the eyes. It uses three LEDS.

The nightlight mode, uses one amber LED.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Energizer Weatheready-3 in 1 LED Light-WRTWL41E-01-thumb.jpgEnergizer Weatheready-3 in 1 LED Light-WRTWL41E-02-thumb.jpgEnergizer Weatheready-3 in 1 LED Light-WRTWL41E-03-thumb.jpgEnergizer Weatheready-3 in 1 LED Light-WRTWL41E-04-thumb.jpgEnergizer Weatheready-3 in 1 LED Light-WRTWL41E-05-thumb.jpgEnergizer Weatheready-3 in 1 LED Light-WRTWL41E-06-thumb.jpgEnergizer Weatheready-3 in 1 LED Light-WRTWL41E-07-thumb.jpgEnergizer Weatheready-3 in 1 LED Light-WRTWL41E-08-thumb.jpgEnergizer Weatheready-3 in 1 LED Light-WRTWL41E-09-thumb.jpg

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