Flashlight: Energizer Hard Case LED Task Light (TUF2AAPE)

Cost: $8.50
Data Sheet: http://data.energizer.com/PDFs/tuf2aape.pdf
Power Source: 2 AA
Range: 38 meters
Flashlight: 20 lumens / 30 hours
Drop Resistance: 4 meters
Weather Resistance: IEC 60529 IPX4
Mode(s): Flashlight

The Hard Case LED Task Light (TUF2AAPE) is a smaller rugged flashlight.

As part of Energizer’s professional line, this flashlight is oversized for a 2 AA flashlight.

The flashlight looks great as it is constructed of strong plastic, has metal bolts on the side, and metal screws.

I did toss the light onto concrete floors and it kept on going without a problem.

This flashlight weather resistant and suitable for outdoor use. The end cap for the batteries has an O-ring, and the power button is rubberized.

There was no metal clip, but only a hole in the bottom rubber cover for a lanyard. Unfortunately the rubber cover can slide of which is disappointing for a “professional” line of product.

The 2 AA batteries insert into the bottom of the flashlight. Yay! No silly cartridges for the batteries.

With a 20 lumens rating, the runtime of 30 hours is very good. The longer battery life plus ruggedness make this light suitable for emergency use outdoors.

The beam profile is narrow and focused with a bluish cast. Moreover, the center hot spot is wide and blotchy due to the 3 LEDs. Not bad, but this makes the light more suitable for projects and task focusing on a specific area in the dark.

At top of the flashlight, there was a bit of a rattling noise. I tried to open up the flashlight, but was unable to access the LED and locate the source of the sound. The light functions without any problems though.

The TUF2AAPE is a nice flashlight that is fun to use. Though the lack of a clip is disappointing. As for price, it cost $8.50, which seems a bit expensive compared to the alternatives. However, it does gain the hard case and tougher build for the price.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Energizer Hard Case-LED Task Light-TUF2AAPE-01-thumb.jpgEnergizer Hard Case-LED Task Light-TUF2AAPE-02-thumb.jpgEnergizer Hard Case-LED Task Light-TUF2AAPE-03-thumb.jpgEnergizer Hard Case-LED Task Light-TUF2AAPE-04-thumb.jpgEnergizer Hard Case-LED Task Light-TUF2AAPE-05-thumb.jpgEnergizer Hard Case-LED Task Light-TUF2AAPE-06-thumb.jpg

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