Flashlight: Energizer Hard Case LED Project Light (TUF4AAPE)

Cost: $10
Data Sheet: http://data.energizer.com/PDFs/tuf4aape.pdf
Power Source: 4 AA
Range: 55m
Flashlight: 35 lumens / 23 hours
Drop Resistance: 2 meters
Weather Resistance: IEC 60529 IPX4
Mode(s): Flashlight

The Hard Case LED Project Light (TUF4AAPE) is a rugged single-mode flashlight.

As part of Energizer’s professional line, this flashlight is oversized, rugged, tough, and built for abuse. It’s simply a joy to hold this flashlight and bash it around.

The flashlight looks great as it is constructed of ABS plastic, has metal plates bolted to the side, and metal screws. It’s just looks cool.

I did toss the light onto concrete floors and it kept on going strong with barely a scratch or a mark.

The end cap for the batteries has an O-ring, and the power button is rubberized, making this flashlight weather resistant and suitable for outdoor use.

At the bottom of the flashlight is a metal clip that is extremely handy for attaching the light to belts or whatever. Moreover, the flashlight is well balanced and proportioned when clipped in.

The beam profile is weird, as it used 4 LEDs reflected into a single spot light. The spot light itself is nice and bright with not hot spot. However there is a strange halo with an outside X pattern caused by reflectors and plastic contours. In congested areas, this can look weird due to an uneven distribution of light.

Battery life also seems a bit short at the rated 23 hours despite the 35 lumens rating. I suppose it’s a design compromise trying to drive 4 premium Nichia LEDs off of 4 AA batteries. It’s would of been nicer to drive 2 LEDs instead for a longer runtime. Though, the output would be less bright. Compared to the two LEDs flashlights (WRTWL41E and WRCLD41E), the light is noticeably brighter.

Unfortunately, this flashlight uses a cartridge for the 4 AA batteries. The cartridge is nicely designed and rugged. However, it is still a cost cutting design and an additional piece to lose for an Energizer premium flashlight.

The case, clip, and construction of the TUF4AAPE is fantastic. Not only does it look cool, but it is rated to take a beating. However, I don’t like the reflective design or the output of the 4 LEDs especially for a premium Hard Case flashlight. It may be possible to swap the LEDs and reflector though for a nicer beam profile.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Energizer Hard Case-LED Project Light-TUF4AAPE-01-thumb.jpgEnergizer Hard Case-LED Project Light-TUF4AAPE-02-thumb.jpgEnergizer Hard Case-LED Project Light-TUF4AAPE-03-thumb.jpgEnergizer Hard Case-LED Project Light-TUF4AAPE-04-thumb.jpgEnergizer Hard Case-LED Project Light-TUF4AAPE-05-thumb.jpgEnergizer Hard Case-LED Project Light-TUF4AAPE-06-thumb.jpg

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