Flashlight: Energizer Hard Case LED Project Light (TUF4AAPE) - 2013 Samsung LH351A

Cost: $15.99
Power Source: 4 AA
Range: 265m
Flashlight: 150 lumens / 19 hours
Drop Resistance: 3 meters
Mode(s): High, Low

For 2013, Energizer has updated the Hard Case LED Project Light (TUF4AAPE) with a single Samsung LH351A LED. Regular price was $19.99, but it was found on sale at Canadian Tires for $15.99. Since the previous model was liked for to it’s ruggedness, use of 4 AA batteries, low lumen, and long runtime, this flashlight was purchased as a hopeful upgrade.

Notable Changes:

2013 Update Original
Range: 265m 55m
Flashlight: 150 lumens / 19 hours 35 lumens / 23 hours
Drop Resistance: 3 meters 2 meters

Samsung LH351A LED

Energizer 2013 TUF4AAPE-Samsung LH351A LED

The four Nichia LEDs have been replaced with a single Samsung LH351A LED. As a result, the flashlight was notably brighter.

To put it mildly, this was a pure thrower. The hot spot was small, with minimal spill, and very intense. Combined with a deep reflector dish, the beam was very narrow. Outdoors, it was fantastic for illuminating object at a distance. However, indoors, the hot spot was annoying and blinding.

As a thrower, this flashlight excelled outdoors. However, as a general purpose light, it failed. The previous model was okay as it had a very large nice smooth even hot spot that illuminated things well, though the spill featured an odd pattern. Yes it was only 35 lumens, but it worked well indoors and outdoors without blinding the user.

Compared to the older model, the light emitted was much warmer with a notable yellowish tinge. Again, it was good outdoors, but not indoors. Outdoors, the yellow color cast helped increase contrast between green and brown. Indoors, the cast was notable and distracting on the white walls.

High and Low Modes

Energizer 2013 TUF4AAPE-Samsung LH351A LED-Flashlight01

Gone is the single mode, replaced with a high and low mode. Pressing the power button cycles through the modes High -> Low -> Off.

It was disappointing to find a lack of half-clicks to cycle between the modes. As a result, multiple full clicks were required to turn the flashlight off. The simplicity of the older model has been lost.

Battery Installation

Energizer 2013 TUF4AAPE-Samsung LH351A LED-Flashlight07

Included with the batteries were instructions! The original model featured complaints and questions about installing the batteries. Energizer has addressed this issue by including a small pamphlet tucked between the alkaline batteries.

Personally, I think it would of been nicer to show a picture or diagram illustrating the end cap on the front or back of the packaging.

Durability and Construction

Energizer 2013 TUF4AAPE-Samsung LH351A LED-Flashlight08

Durability is similar to the previous model. It’s made of the same tough ABS plastic mold and rubberized parts. Moreover, it is now rated for 3 meter drops instead of 2 meters.

Construction quality, however, was disappointing. Unscrewing the lens cap revealed the light and reflector. First, the screw threads were covered in globs of grease. Second, the reflector and led would hang out as they were only held in place by two wires soldered in place. This looked really shoddy and cheap to save on production cost.

The previous model featured a solid design where the lens cap, reflector, LEDs, and pill came out as one solid piece. A metal end plate would complete the circuit when screwed back into the flashlight. In addition, it featured a weather resistance rating of IEC 60529 IPX4. Unfortunately, this 2013 model does not feature or advertise a weather resistance rating.

Final Words

This updated model is a fantastic thrower. Although, it was only 150 lumens, the hot spot was small, focused, and bright. The beam was narrow and worked outdoors really well. However, it was too bright for indoor use.

Compared to the older model, this flashlight retains the rugged durable case and gains a brighter output. However, the construction quality has decreased, the weather rating has disappeared, the simplicity replaced with a multi-click button, and runtime has decreased.

I was hoping this flashlight would be an upgrade to the older model with a new single LED design. Unfortunately, this was not it as too much has changed.

The Energizer 2013 Hard Case LED Project Light (TUF4AAPE) is recommended as an outdoor flashlight thrower using AA alkaline batteries. The older four LED model, though, should be considered instead if a more general purpose flashlight or “Project Light” is required.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 4

Same Rugged Mold as Previous Model

Energizer 2013 TUF4AAPE-Samsung LH351A LED-Flashlight02

Single LED

Energizer 2013 TUF4AAPE-Samsung LH351A LED-Flashlight03

New FL 1 Standard Ratings

Energizer 2013 TUF4AAPE-Samsung LH351A LED-Flashlight04

Two Modes – High and Low

Energizer 2013 TUF4AAPE-Samsung LH351A LED-Flashlight05

2013 Updated Packaging

Energizer 2013 TUF4AAPE-Samsung LH351A LED-Flashlight06

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