Flashlight: Defiant XP-G2 4xAAA 300 Lumen 2-Pack

The Defiant 2-Pack 300 Lumen LED flashlights, were found on clearance at Home Depot.

Defiant 2-Pack 300 Lumen LED Flashlight-(1000-796-537)-03

Defiant Product 1000 796 527

Cost: $3.66
Name: 2-Pack 300 Lumen LED flashlights
Product #: 1000 796 527
Power Source: 4 AAA
Range: 230m
Flashlight: 300 Lumens
Runtime: 3 Hours (Alkaline)
Mode(s): High, Low, Strobe

Mini Review

The flashlights were average at best due to poor construction quality. They were priced at $3.66 for 2 300 lumen LED lights, so they purchased on price alone.

Construction Material

Defiant 2-Pack 300 Lumen LED Flashlight-(1000-796-537)-04

Body of the flashlight was made of thick aluminum. It felt solid and slightly bulky in the hand. However, taking the flashlight apart revealed minor problems. The threads were thin metal and the battery carrier was flimsy. On a more positive note, all threads featured O-rings.

Quality Control

Quality control was poor. One flashlight did not work. After removing the reflector, LED fell out and was full of grease. Fortunately, the set was returned and exchanged for another set with no hassle.

Biggest issue is the LED and the pill. There’s not much to hold the LED onto the pill. Insufficient solder, and a tiny white plastic ring that fits over the LED to hold it center onto the pill. Without the ring, the reflector and head will crush or dislodge the LED. Disappointing and cheap is the best way to describe.


4 AAA batteries to power the flashlight. Awesome. Most battery packs come in multiples of 4. It’s much easier to pair and use 4 batteries. 3 battery flashlights always leaves one unused battery.


Three modes are controlled by an end tail clicky button. Full presses turns the flashlight on and off. Each full ON press will cycle to next mode.

Half-presses cycle to the next mode (High->Low->Strobe), which is a very convenient feature.

Current Draw

Current was measured with the fresh Alkaline batteries included with the flashlight.

Mode Current (mA)
High 1800
Low 170


Defiant 2-Pack 300 Lumen LED Flashlight-(1000-796-537)-06

Looks like an XP-G2 LED!

Note the grease and dirt from the cheap assembly.


Light emitted was slightly brighter than other 200 lumen flashlights. Lumens were not measured but it seems to be around 300 lumens compared to other flashlights.

Hot spot was nice and large, while the spill was smooth. All attributed to a nice large shiny reflector. Beam profile was very pleasing in color and shape.

Other Notes

Defiant 2-Pack 300 Lumen LED Flashlight-(1000-796-537)-05

The flashlight tube is the perfect size for C cells. They fit without issue. Given the price, this would make a great flashlight body for modding into a single C-cell flashlight.

Final Words

Defiant 2-Pack 300 Lumen LED Flashlight-(1000-796-537)-07

Good body and LED but poor/cheap assembly. For the price it’s great if working flashlights are obtained.

The flashlight body, though, is solid and ideal for modifying as everything can be disassembled easily. In addition it fits 4 AAA batteries, or a single C cell.

In the end, there’s a lot to like about this flashlight; but, cheap assembly hurts it especially if the LED falls out.

  • Edit (01/04/15): LED fell off another flashlight which indicates an assembly problem. Pure garbage if the light does not work. Score has now been lowered from 3.0 to 1.0. The only good thing about this light is the flashlight body for modifications. It would make an excellent 1xC battery host or 4xAAA host. In addition, the star with the LED can also be easily changed. Nonetheless, as a product from a big box store, it’s a failure.
    Defiant 2-Pack 300 Lumen LED Flashlight-(1000-796-537)-08

Overall 1.0 out of 5


Packaging was the standard Defiant brand blister packs that are recyclable.

FL 1 Standard ratings on the front

Defiant 2-Pack 300 Lumen LED Flashlight-(1000-796-537)-01

Performance is based on using Alkaline batteries

Defiant 2-Pack 300 Lumen LED Flashlight-(1000-796-537)-02

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