Flashlight: Defiant XM-L U2 Tactical 5C 625 Lumen LED Light

The Defiant Tactical 5C 625 Lumen LED Flashlight (1000 783 298) is awesome. It’s strong enough to be a billy club and bright enough to temporarily blind people. Unlike D-cell flashlights, this is just the right size to hold and swing without being to heavy or unwieldy.

Defiant Tactical 5C 625 Lumen LED Flashlight-(1000-783-298)-05

It was found in Home Depot on clearance. First reaction was like “wow”. It’s a fine piece of machinery. Moreover, the 5 C cell batteries were worth it for the price alone and it comes with a bonus flashlight!

Front Packaging

Defiant Tactical 5C 625 Lumen LED Flashlight-(1000-783-298)-01

Back Packaging

Defiant Tactical 5C 625 Lumen LED Flashlight-(1000-783-298)-02

Defiant Product 1000 783 298

Cost: $6.76
Name: Tactical 5C 625 Lumen LED Flashlight
Product #: 1000 783 298
Power Source: 5 C
Range: 250m
Flashlight: 625 Lumens
Runtime: 4.5 Hours (Alkaline)


Awesome is the only way to describe this flashlight. It’s priced cheap but is a premium product. Only issue is the low runtime, which is a fair trade off for a super bright light.


Defiant Tactical 5C 625 Lumen LED Flashlight-(1000-783-298)-04

The body is solid and built tough. First, there’s no notable rattling when swinging the light. Second, threads are generous and smooth. In addition, there are O-rings. Third, side button is firm and makes a distinctive click when pressed. Fourth, fins help with heat dissipation.

Overall construction is pleasing.


5 C batteries is not a common power source for flashlights. However, they offer greater runtime than AA batteries without the bulk of D cell batteries. As a result, the size and weight is just right as the flashlight balances nicely when hand held. In my opinion, it is much nicer to handle than 3-4 D cells.


Defiant Tactical 5C 625 Lumen LED Flashlight-(1000-783-298)-06

A simple single mode click button on the side of the flashlight near the head. The flashlight is either on or off.

Current Draw

There’s only one mode which measured a current draw of 1400 mA with the included fresh set of Alkaline batteries.


Defiant Tactical 5C 625 Lumen LED Flashlight-(1000-783-298)-03

This LED was easy to identify as it was printed on the star. XM-L U2 a premium grade LED as advertised on the packaging!


Wow! This flashlight is a thrower with a generous spill. Though not advertised as a thrower it competes with models with larger reflectors.

In an informal test outdoors, it easily lit up the whole 50’ x 100’ area. Other throwers may light up the same distance or further, but they don’t light up the area!

Compared to some 200, 300, 400 lumen flashlights with 18650 lithium cell, this flashlight overpowered them easily. This seemed like a true 600 lumen flashlight.

Other Note

Lifetime warranty is included but does not apply to the LED or batteries.

Final Words

The Defiant Tactical 5C 625 Lumen LED Flashlight (1000 783 298) is an outstanding value. Dirt cheap price, premium LED, premium construction, and a super bright spotlight beam. But that’s not all, as the flashlight is the size of billy club with great weight distribution.

The runtime is a bit low, but is a fair trade for 600+ lumens of light.

In the end, this is a fantastic light. Buy it for its 5C battery size and bright beam. If not buy it for the batteries alone.

Overall 4.75 out of 5

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