Bow Saw Initial Impressions: Cutbrik 21" and 24"

Cutbrik bow saws are made in Portugal. They use a traditional design that works really well, and are cut above the rest for a cheaper price. These were found at TSC Stores for $3 each.

cutBRIK Bow Saws-21-24-02

Name: Cutbrik Bow Saw 21” Cutbrik Bow Saw 24”
Model #: UD-150553 UD-150610
Store: TSC Stores TSC Stores
Price: $3.00 $3.00
Blades: Peg & Raker Peg & Raker

  • Bow saw came with a cross cutting peg and raker tooth pattern
  • No hand guard
  • Tensioning is by a handle lever
  • On the long end, blade is secured by a rivet
  • On the handle end, blade is secured by a hook and latch

Initial Impressions

The Cutbrik bow saws were found in TSC Stores for $3.00 each. There were both 21” and 24” versions available.

First thought was cool, but I don’t need more bow saws. On second thought, though, the price is cheaper than buying a new blade. Think of the frame as being free. So it was time to inspect them.

Instantly the frame and the blade stood out. These were well made traditional bow saws made in Portugal. They felt better than any of the usual bow saws found in big box stores. The well regarded Bahco bow saws came to mind as they looked very similar and are also made in Portugal. Most notable difference is the Cutbrik lacks the adjustable tensioner.

The frame is solid and tensions the blade nicely. It felt nicely balanced in the hand. On the handle end, saw blades are attached by a hook and latch. On the other end, a rivet is used. Personally, I prefer to replace the rivet with a bolt and wingnut as they are harder to loose.

The blades are very well made. They feature pegs and rakers. No fine tuning is required. The rakers are slightly shorter than the blades as they should be. While, the cutting blades are properly off-set in alternate directions. In addition, there were signs of heat treating to harden the blades. A light blue tint on the raker and cutting blade edges indicated the hardening, while the rest of the blade has not been treated to allow setting of the pegs. Lastly, the blades were razor sharp to the touch. For $3.00, the bow saw is easily worth the price for the blade alone.

On a minor note, a plastic blade guard is not included. Only a piece of cardboard protects the blade. The cardboard does protect the blade well enough until torn off. Afterwards, something more permanent will need to be used.

In the end, a bunch of the 21” and a bunch of the 24” Cutbrik bow saws were purchased. They were easily better than the other bow saws available in store, yet they were also a fraction of the price ($3 vs $18).

Informal Test

The 21” Cutbrik bow saw was put through a challenging test. It was used to fell a hard maple tree with a trunk diameter of 8”. From the start to the halfway point it cut really well, making a nice scraping noise. Two-thirds of the way through, the blade started to drift a bit due to the weight of the tree pressing down on the blade; however, a plastic wedge was then used to fix the problem. After the 3/4 point, the bow frame was starting to get in the way as it hit the wedge and trunk. As a result, it was swapped with my favorite hand saw the Irwin Marathon Coarse Cut Carpenter Saw. The Irwin completed the felling of the tree. The hand saw was notably less efficient at cutting, but the solid blade allowed for a straighter cut to the end.

Afterwards, the trunk and branches were cut into firewood. For small branches, the hand saw was easier and faster to use due to the larger TPI. For large branches and the trunk, the Cutbrik bow saw was more efficient at cutting and easier to use.

The Cutbrik was now my favorite bow saw!


Compared to the 21” Yardworks bow saw and 21” Benchmark bow saw, the 21” Cutbrik bow saw was superior. It cut better, and drifted less even though it does not feature an adjustable blade tensioner like the Yardworks. In addition, the Cutbrik was more comfortable to hold and less fatiguing to use. Attribute it to a combination of frame balance, frame durability, and better manufactured blade.

The 21” and 24” Cutbrik bow saws were an excellent purchase. Buy these over other big box in-store brands with the exception to Benchmark. If an alternate size is required, then buy the Benchmark brand. The Benchmark bow saws are not as good, though decent, but they’re more widely available and available at 12”, 18”, 21”, 24”, 30” and 36”.

Overall 4.5 out of 5

The cheapest bow saw, yet the best made bow saw with the best blade found in stores. It’s an obvious buy for a fun saw to cut trees and logs with.

Two minor issues is the rivet and lack of a good blade cover. Both are easily fixed though. The rivet can be replaced with a bolt and wingnut, while a blade cover can be made for cheap.

Lastly, buy both the 21” and 24” Cutbrik bow saws. The former is more portable, while the latter is more efficient for sawing.


21” and 24” Labels

cutBRIK Bow Saws-21-24-01


cutBRIK Bow Saws-21-24-03

Excellent Saw Blade (Peg & Raker)

cutBRIK Bow Saws-21-24-04

Alternate Off-set Cutting Teeth

cutBRIK Bow Saws-21-24-05

Made in Portugal

cutBRIK Bow Saws-Made in Portugal

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