Pro.Point Tree Felling Lever - Proper Setup

The Pro.Point Tree Felling Lever is described on the box as,

Durable high carbon steel blade, comfortable textured rubber grip. 31 in. bent steel handle provides extra leverage when felling, breaking up stumps.

It was purchased for the lever and cant hook. The lever is useful for tipping trees over their felling hinge in the intended direction, and the cant hook is useful for turning logs.

Felling levers are normally best suited for small to medium sized trees (6”-10” diameter). However, this model has a problem. The cant hook is installed incorrectly!

Wrong Setup

Out of the box, the cant hook is installed as follows and even pictured on the box as such.

Pro.Point-Tree Felling Lever-Wrong Setup

Felling levers with cant hooks should not be setup this way.

For logs up to 10 inches in diameter, the hook is spaced too far from the end of the handle to grip them. For logs greater than 10 inches in diameter, it will grip them, but the handle is too short to torque and turn the log. In addition, when torqued, pressure will be applied against the welded tip instead of the handle’s end. Nevertheless, a larger cant hook or peavey is required to turn large logs.

Correct Setup

Thankfully it is easy to correct the Pro.Point Tree Felling Lever by undoing the two bolts, moving the hook down, flipping the hook, and adding the bolts back. The correct setup is as pictured below.

Pro.Point-Tree Felling Lever-Correct Setup

It will grip and rotate small to medium sized logs. In addition, the hook will fall out of the way when using the blade for tipping trees.

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