Bayco Kord Manager (K-100): Instructions

Bayco-Kord Manager K-100-01

The Bayco Kord Manager (K-100) is a plastic cord reel for easily storing electrical extension cords. This was found at Canadian Tire for $9.99.

According to the packaging, the capacity is 150’ – 16/3 or 125’ 14/3.

Despite the claims, it can also easily manage a 100 foot, 12 gauge, extension cord using the following cord reel instructions.

Cord Reel: Instructions for a 100’ (12/3) Cord

The following method halves the number of rotations needed to wind a cord and gives easy access to both ends of the cord. In addition, since both ends of the cord are accessible, only the portion required may be optionally unwound for use.

  • Fold the extension cord in half so the two ends line up
    Bayco-Kord Manager K-100-02
  • Mark the middle of the cord for reference
    Bayco-Kord Manager K-100-03
  • Line-up the middle of the cord with Kord Manager plastic hook
    Bayco-Kord Manager K-100-04
  • Either snap the cord into the Kord Manager hook or use a zip tie to secure it onto the hook
    • (1) Cord snapped into hook
      Bayco-Kord Manager K-100-05
    • (2) Cord zip tied onto hook
      Bayco-Kord Manager K-100-06
      Bayco-Kord Manager K-100-07
  • Rotate the handle counter-clockwise to wind up the extension cord mess
    Bayco-Kord Manager K-100-08
  • Front view of the wound up 100’ (12 Gauge) extension cord
    Bayco-Kord Manager K-100-09
  • Side view of the wound up 100’ (12 Gauge) extension cord
    Bayco-Kord Manager K-100-10
  • When needed, pull the two ends of the cord for desired length
    Bayco-Kord Manager K-100-11

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