Advantek 2-Trap Value Pack (20050): Instructions

Advantek 2-Trap Value Pack-20050

The Advantek 2-Trap Value Pack (20050) is a value priced humane animal trap set which includes a medium sized trap and a small sized trap.

This set was found at TSC Stores on sale for $27.99 (regular price of $69.99). Unfortunately, the instructions included were poor as they were ambiguous and incomplete. In the end, the mechanisms were simple enough to figure out; though, it would of been nice to have clear instructions as the traps are well constructed and designed.

The following are instructions for the Advantek 2-Trap Value Pack (20050).


  • Check traps daily to prevent unnecessary harm caused when an animal is trapped
  • Check local and provincial regulations before trapping or transporting wild animals
  • Wear heavy gloves when transporting and releasing animals

Instructions For Setting the Trap

  • Push the spring loaded frame, from the top, back into the cage and pull up the hook.
    Advantek 2-Trap Value Pack-20050-Instructions-01
  • Latch the black safety hook onto the cage to keep the spring loaded door open.
    Advantek 2-Trap Value Pack-20050-Instructions-02
  • Place the bait at least ⅔ beyond the trip plate and near the back of the trap.
    If the bait is too close to the trip plate, an animal can grab the bait without triggering the plate.
    Advantek 2-Trap Value Pack-20050-Instructions-03
  • Make sure the horizontal trip bar extends beyond the cage as it will hold the door open.
    Advantek 2-Trap Value Pack-20050-Instructions-04
  • Locate the other end of the horizontal trip bar.
    Advantek 2-Trap Value Pack-20050-Instructions-05
  • Rotate it down and connect it to the vertical trigger plate bar.
    Advantek 2-Trap Value Pack-20050-Instructions-06
  • The horizontal trip bar now holds the door open.
    Advantek 2-Trap Value Pack-20050-Instructions-07
  • While holding the trip bar steady, gently unlatch the black safety hook from the cage.
    Advantek 2-Trap Value Pack-20050-Instructions-08
  • The trap is now set and the trigger plate is raised.
    Advantek 2-Trap Value Pack-20050-Instructions-09
  • Pressing down on the trigger plate will release the horizontal bar and shut the trap door.
    Advantek 2-Trap Value Pack-20050-Instructions-10
  • The trap door after activation of the trigger plate.
    Advantek 2-Trap Value Pack-20050-Instructions-11

Instructions For Releasing the Trap

  • Pull the top of the cage up and press the spring frame down and out to release it from the hatch.
    Advantek 2-Trap Value Pack-20050-Instructions-12
  • Lifting the spring frame will now give gives more working room away from the trap.
  • To keep the door open, pull the end of the spring frame up and back in order to latch the black safety hook onto the cage.
    Advantek 2-Trap Value Pack-20050-Instructions-13

Reseting the Trap Door

  • Unlatch the black safety hook.
    Advantek 2-Trap Value Pack-20050-Instructions-12
  • Pull the top of the cage up and press the spring frame down and into the trap to latch it against the cage hooks.
    Advantek 2-Trap Value Pack-20050-Instructions-14


After a trap has been used it should be immediately cleaned to prevent the spread of harmful organisms. Always wear gloves when cleaning.

  • Wash the trap with water.
  • Disinfect with a bleach solution (1 part bleach to 9 parts of water) for at least 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes of disinfection, thoroughly rinse the trap with water.