CANbike: Logo and Posters

For the fun of it, I’ve made a “” logo for this website. Let’s call it version one.

Primary Logo and Poster V1.0

I’m not a graphics artist, but attempted to make a metallic like logo with some depth to it. It’s based on the same font used to make the text logo at the top left of this page. The idea was to keep it simple, and extend the fonts decoration. The green “CAN” was further enhanced by adding a gradient to make it shinier and less flat looking. The “” remains white.

The metallic border was created using GIMP while referring to various free tutorials.

In addition to the logo, a poster was made. The concept for this was based on carbon fiber bike components. The background uses a gradient with a custom “carbon fiber” pattern made from GIMP. The pattern was also applied to the inner layer of the text to add further depth, while the outer border remains shiny and clean. The “” text was further enhanced by adding a gradient to give it a silvery look.

The Final Logo

canbike-thumb.pngcanbike logo-thumb.pngcanbike logo vertical-thumb.png

Variant Logo and Posters

Variant logos and posters were also made as I experimented with different backgrounds.

Sometimes the main logo’s green color clashed with backgrounds. As a result, a variant logo was created, which features only white text with a metallic border. This might look better when resized to a small image, as the contrast is increased.

Also, this variant logo will be ideal as a watermark for images. As a watermark, the image should be the focus. A bright green logo would draw the viewers eye to the logo and detract from the image. Furthermore, if the metallic border is too distracting or eye catching, then the logo can be muted by converting it to a gray scale image.

Two other posters were also created with alternate backgrounds for the fun of it. Again the green “CAN” is altered to have the same carbon fiber look as “”. I tried to use the main logo, but the green color clashed too much with the red or blue background.

The Final Variant Logo

canbike logo variant-thumb.pngcanbike variant blue-thumb.pngcanbike variant red-thumb.png

Logo Plans

The main logo will be sparingly used to decorate the website and cover empty white spaces. Same with the posters. The variant logo will most likely be used as a watermark for images.