CANbike TV

CANbike TV is an add-on, for Kodi (formerly known as XBMC), that recreates the channel surfing experience by scheduling local media for playback. In other words, the add-on picks the videos and creates an electronic program guide (EPG) for the user. All the user has to do is change the channel.

The user, however, may customize the channels by category (studios, genre, etc) or by selecting a directory of videos.

CANbike TV

Why CANbike TV?

There is an add-on known as PseudoTV developed in 2011. It was awesome and worked well with XBMC 11 (Eden). There was also a version for XBMC 12 (Frodo). Unfortunately development stopped and the program was incompatible with XBMC 13 (Gotham) and up.

Fortunately PseudoTV was forked as PseudoTV Live and development began with a new author. Unlike PseudoTV, though, internet and online streams were added to the project.

PseudoTV Live is a great project but in early development. I use it only for playback of local content, hence, sans the live part.

As a result, PseudoTV Live v0.5.7e was chosen for customization and simplifications as it was stable for my uses. Initially there were few settings tweaked for my own convenience. However, the tweaks began to grow into a few customizations and code changes. This was becoming a fork with emphasis on playback of local media content.

Hence, the creation of CANbike TV!

Download the CANbike TV Add-on

Click here to download CANbike TV 1.0.2
(File Size = 5.0 MB, md5sum = e7d14a8e9c0de81f0b3ae2fdd20eb0b9)

Install CANbike TV from Zip File

  1. Start Kodi 14/OpenELEC 5 and select System -> Setting
  2. Select Add-ons
  3. Select Install from zip file
  4. Use the file browser to select

Install CANbike TV from Zip File-01-thumb.jpgInstall CANbike TV from Zip File-02-thumb.jpgInstall CANbike TV from Zip File-03-thumb.jpgInstall CANbike TV from Zip File-04-thumb.jpg


CANbike TV-Screenshot-01-Program Add-on-thumb.jpgCANbike TV-Screenshot-02-Program Add on Information-thumb.jpgCANbike TV-Screenshot-03-Auto Tune Channels-thumb.jpgCANbike TV-Screenshot-04-Custom Channel Configuration-Directory-thumb.jpgCANbike TV-Screenshot-05-Channel 4 Playing-thumb.jpgCANbike TV-Screenshot-06-Electronic Program Guide-EPG-thumb.jpg

Latest Edition:

(File Size = 5.0 MB, md5sum = e7d14a8e9c0de81f0b3ae2fdd20eb0b9)

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