Posted by CANbike on Fri, 7 Nov 2014

Yahoo! Mail (Full Featured) Print Error

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Problem: Full Featured Mail Print Error

The full featured Yahoo! Mail introduced two problems with its new print design.

  • The print option is hidden inside the menu “More
    Yahoo Mail-Print.png
  • An error message appears when selecting print

Yahoo Mail-Print Error.png

Solution: Switch to Basic Mail

The original Yahoo! Mail worked well without these print issues. Fortunately, users can switch back to “Basic Mail”.

  • First, click on the gear icon and select settings
    Yahoo Mail-Menu-Settings.png
  • Second, under Settings->Viewing Email->Mail Version select “Basic” and click the “Save” button
    Yahoo Mail-Settings.png

  • Now the “Printable View” option will appear at the top of an email message
    Yahoo Mail-Basic-Print-View.png
  • When clicked on, a print friendly HTML formatted page will open in a new tab/window along with the browser’s print dialog