Posted by CANbike on Sun, 29 Nov 2015

What is a Publipost?

A company recently asked if accepts “publipost”? The answer is does not ask accept publipost, but we wish them good luck with it.

Before a response was made, the definition of publipost had to be looked up. Here is what was learned.

Definition: Publipost

A publipost is a paid advertisement on a blog. The blogger may be compensated by cash, or in exchange receive the product for free.

The term publipost is a Portuguese word often used in Brazil.

Compensation varies depending on the amount of work involved for the blogger. If the blogger has to write the article or create the video then it will cost more. If the article is already written and just needs to be posted, then compensation depends on the size of the article and the popularity of the blog.

Indicating a Publipost

Readers should know if a post is a paid for advertisement, especially if the blogger has not tested or reviewed the item.

In Brazil, it has become a standard practice to include the keyword “advertorials”, “publipost”, “publieditorial”, “post paid”, or “publi”, in the title of the post. In addition, it also common to see those keywords as the first word in the title.

History of Publipost?

Where did this term evolve from? No clue, and this is entirely speculative.

Publipostage is the french term for direct mailing. It is the mass marketing technique of promoting a product or brand, by sending information leaflets, advertising by posts, and/or electronically sending messages (i.e. e-mail).

Portuguese borrows many loanwords from the French and English language. Publipostage may be one of those words. Since the adoption of the word, the Internet has evolved and blog posts have become popular. As a result, marketing techniques have also evolved to take advantage of this new medium. Hence, the term publipostage truncated to publipost, reflects this new marketing practice. Or, I’m wrong and publipost is simply a shortened form of publipostage.

Retro 1960’s Style Publipostage Ad