Posted by CANbike on Thu, 25 Dec 2014

Voltax Zoom LED Flashlight 06-3037820 Disassembled

My latest discovery . . . Super Bright LEDs for cheap at the dollar store!

Locally LEDs were becoming expensive to purchase. An alternative source was required so a trip was made to the Dollarama as they have flashlights for $1.

Sitting on the shelf was the $1 Voltax Zoom LED Flashlight 06-3037820 featuring a super bright LED. Great! This should do well in DIY projects.

Flashlight Disassembly

  • The flashlight in its packaging
    Voltax Zoom LED Flashlight-06-3037820-Disassembled-01
  • The Voltax Zoom LED Flashlight 06-3037820
    Voltax Zoom LED Flashlight-06-3037820-Disassembled-02
  • Remove the battery cover tab and shake the AG10 batteries out
    Voltax Zoom LED Flashlight-06-3037820-Disassembled-03
  • Rotate the head ¾ of the way and pull it off
    Voltax Zoom LED Flashlight-06-3037820-Disassembled-04
  • Pull the flashlight body apart starting from the LED housing at the top
    Voltax Zoom LED Flashlight-06-3037820-Disassembled-05
  • Pull the LED / Battery holder out
    Voltax Zoom LED Flashlight-06-3037820-Disassembled-06
  • The super bright LED is hooked and clipped in place
    Voltax Zoom LED Flashlight-06-3037820-Disassembled-07
  • Remove the LED
    Voltax Zoom LED Flashlight-06-3037820-Disassembled-08

Super Bright LED Notes

  • The LED was being overdriven with 3 AG10 batteries (3 × 1.5V = 4.5V)
  • Only two 1.5V batteries are required to drive it
  • The LED is really bright and floody
    • Driven at 5 mA outputs a couple of lumens
    • Flood pattern is 180° and smooth with no rings
  • Use a 5/16 bit for drilling holes to fit the LED

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