Posted by CANbike on Thu, 7 Mar 2013

[Update] Google+ CANbike Page

The Google Plus CANbike page received a new update on March 06, 2013. Featured in the update were larger cover photos, a new “card” layout for the “About” section, and tweaks to the profile image.

Cover Photo

The cover photo has been expanded to allow images up to 2120×1192 pixels. Moreover, as the user scrolls down the page, the cover photo will dynamically scale and roll out to maximize the display for other content.

Card Layout

The “About” section has changed as the information is now divided into a card like layout, which has increased the separation of categories. This increased separation will make it easier to modify the content.

Profile Image

The profile image has been reduced in size, moved to the left side of the page, and has been cropped by a circular overlay.

Google+ CANbike Page

Overall changes by Google were minor, though impressive looking. The only administrative change required for the Google+ CANbike page was a new larger cover photo chosen from a January off-road winter bike ride at Puslinch Tract. On the other hand, the profile picture required no changes as it was cropped nicely by the circular overlay.

Thanks Google for making the pages even better!

google+ CANbike-01-thumb.jpggoogle+ CANbike-02-thumb.jpggoogle+ CANbike-03-thumb.jpggoogle+ CANbike-04-thumb.jpg

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