Posted by CANbike on Sun, 4 Oct 2015

[Tiny Core] Mini Can Bike Remastering Notes

Tiny Core Linux is well documented and supported. Their website features a FAQ, a well supported forum, a Wiki, and a book detailing the Core.

With Tiny Core, it's about adding what you need as opposed to removing what you don't need.

Nevertheless, a few brief notes were taken for remastering as Mini Can Bike OS. They have been gathered into an article as a quick start reference guide, and to document my experience with the core.

Basic concepts like modifying the ISO, modifying core.gz, and creating .tcz applications are covered. New notes may be added or updated, and included in the table of contents as further customizations are made to Tiny Core.

The new article, Tiny Core Linux Customizations for Remastering, can be found in the Off-Topic section.