Posted by CANbike on Wed, 7 Jan 2015

Single C Cell LED Flashlight

A 1xC flashlight is very hard to find in stores. In fact, I don’t every recall seeing one. Luckily the Defiant 4xAAA 300 lumen flashlight (1000 796 527) is the perfect host for a single C cell battery. Moreover, since the LED fell out, there was incentive to modify it instead of tossing into the trash.

Why a C Cell LED Flashlight?

In my opinion, C cells are desirable for a flashlight. First, they have a larger capacity than AA cells, which results in longer runtimes. Second, they are the right size. Not too small and tiny, but not huge and bulky like D cells. Third, C cell batteries are cheap. They’re often on sale at major retailers. In addition, discount stores tend to have lots of new name brand C cells with a 10 year expiry date for a lower price than other batteries. Fourth, AAA or AA cells can be used with a battery spacer. In a pinch, aluminum foil can be wrapped around the batteries to fit the flashlight.

1xC Modified Flashlight

The modification was simple.

  • 4xAAA battery carrier was removed from Defiant host
  • A LED and circuit was removed from a Dorcy 1xAAA gen2 LED flashlight
  • Wires were removed from the pill in the Defiant host
  • A hole was drilled in the star to fit the Dorcy LED
    • The Dorcy circuit and spring were the right size to reach the positive terminal in the pill
  • Defiant host spring was lengthen with a wound up paper clip and plastic extension

The Finished 1xC Flashlight

Single C Cell LED Flashlight-01

Old Worn Out Dorcy 1xAAA Generation2 Provides the LED and Circuit for a 1.5V Battery

Single C Cell LED Flashlight-05

New Flashlight Body Next to the Old Body (1xAAA)

Single C Cell LED Flashlight-04

Dorcy LED fit Perfectly into the New Host Body

Single C Cell LED Flashlight-02

The Spring was Slightly Extended with a Paper Clip and Plastic Bit to Reduce Rattle

  • Without the extended spring, the flashlight would still work except when held upside down as the spring would lose contact with the battery

Single C Cell LED Flashlight-07

Defiant 1xC vs Eveready 1xD vs Rayovac 1xD

Single C Cell LED Flashlight-03

One C Battery

Single C Cell LED Flashlight-06

Once C Cell Fully Inserted into New Defiant Host

Single C Cell LED Flashlight-08

New Host Beam has a Nice Hotspot with Smooth Spill

  • Sorry, background had a bend at the top causing unevenness

Single C Cell LED Flashlight-09

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