Posted by CANbike on Tue, 28 May 2013

Puppy Can Bike 5.4.3: Install on to a USB Flash Drive

Puppy Can Bike 5.4.3 is a remastered version of the Puppy Precise 5.4.3. The installation process on to a USB flash drive is the same. Nonetheless, the following instructions detail the most common method for installing Puppy Can Bike 5.4.3 to a USB flash drive.


Note: A USB flash drive formatted to have a single ext2 partition was used in these instructions. In addition, the partition’s boot flag was enabled.

1. Download the Puppy Can Bike 5.4.3 ISO image

2. Burn the image to a blank CD or DVD to create a live-CD

3. Boot Puppy Can Bike 5.4.3 from the live-CD

4. Insert a USB flash drive into a spare USB port

5. Note the device label (in this example it is sdh1)

6. Click on Menu -> Setup -> Puppy universal installer

7. Select USB Flash drive

8. Choose the device (for this example it is sdh)

9. Click on Install Puppy to sdh1

10. Click OK to confirm installation on to the device

11. Click CD when asked for the Puppy files

12. Click OK to confirm the live-CD is ready

13. **Select mbr.bin as the Master Boot Record

**Note: This is highly dependent on the computer’s hardware. mbr.bin seems to work best next to default.

14. Press Enter to confirm installation

15. Press any key followed by enter to wipe out the USB flash drive

16. Press any key followed by enter to enable loading onto RAM

17. Finally press enter to close the window

The process is complete. The USB flash drive is now a live-USB containing Puppy Can Bike 5.4.3 (a remastered version of Puppy Precise 5.4.3)

18. The contents of the USB flash drive look like this: