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PseudoTV Live 0.5.7e - Modified Stable Download

PseudoTV Live is an addon for Kodi (formerly known as XBMC). It also pairs up nicely with OpenELEC Mediacenter 5.0.2.

PseudoTV Live.png

In short, it can recreate the channel surfing experience with locally stored content.

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Unfortunately, PseudoTV Live is still in development or BETA stage. As a result, new features are constantly being added and bugs are constantly being discovered.

Version 0.5.7e, however, was notably stable and worked really well for locally stored content. In addition, the release was efficient to load and run. There were no notable lags or crashes.

Subsequent versions, however, added new features focusing primarily on the “live” content. The addon, as a result, became unstable as it is still in development.

PseudoTV Live 0.5.7e

PseudoTV Live is a great addon produced and reviewed by a vibrant Kodi community. However, previous versions are not archived nor made easily available.

Version 0.5.7e is stable and will remain on my HTPC for a while. Newer releases, however, will be tested on an alternate machine.

Nonetheless, below is copy of the addon PseudoTV Live 0.5.7e with a minor modification to disable version checking.

Download PseudoTV Live 0.5.7e

Install From Zip

  1. Download to a local storage drive
  2. Launch OpenELEC or Kodi
  3. Go to Programs
  4. Select “Install from zip file
  5. Navigate to ““ and select it
  6. Dependencies will be enabled along with PseudoTV Live 0.5.7e

PseudoTV Live 0.5.7e Modification

Version checking at startup has been disabled.

  • Line 104 of was commented out.
    PseudoTV Live 57e modifications.png

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