Posted by CANbike on Sun, 22 Mar 2015

PseudoTV 2.4.0 for XBMC Gotham and Kodi Helix

Steveb1968 has added support to PseudoTV (by Jasonra) for XBMC 13 Gotham and Kodi 14 Helix!

Development of PseudoTV appeared to end at 2.1.0 in 2012 by Jasonra. The master branch supported XBMC 11 Eden. A “stable-pre” branch was being developed for XBMC 12 Frodo but development stopped.

Looking for Kodi Helix support, I found this post by Songoty. Following the post, it appears Steveb1968 had branched off and added Gotham / Helix support to PseudoTV.



2.4.0 (steveb)
Helix support.

2.3.0 (steveb)
Automatic conversion of colour channel logo's to grey-scale for channel bug.

2.2.0 (steveb)
Gotham Support.
Code Cleanup.
Localize Strings.
Changed max mu3 string length from 4096(512 bytes) to 16384(2048 bytes).

Thank you Steveb1968!

PseudoTV 2.4.0 (Build Date: March 18, 2015) was downloaded from GitHub and tested on OpenELEC 5.0.6. It worked really well. Like the original, it was stable, fast, and efficient for the playback of local video content.

Definitely check out, as Steveb1968 is actively working on the project.

Screenshots of PseudoTV 2.4.0 for Kodi Helix

PseudoTV for XBMC-Gotham and Kodi-Helix-01

PseudoTV for XBMC-Gotham and Kodi-Helix-02

PseudoTV for XBMC-Gotham and Kodi-Helix-03

PseudoTV for XBMC-Gotham and Kodi-Helix-04

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