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Nikon D300S - Action Mode

The following are settings used on a Nikon D300S for action and sports photography.

External Camera Settings

1. Focus Mode: C

  • Set the Focus Mode Selector to C for continous servo autofocus (AF-C).

D300S Action Mode 01

2. Drive Mode: CL

  • Set the Mode Dial to CL for continous low speed shooting. Press and hold the shutter button for continous shooting.

D300S Action Mode 02

3. Auto Focus Area: Dynamic-Area AF

  • Set the Auto Focus Area Mode Selector to Dynamic.
  • Allows the photographer to select one of the fifty-one focus points. The camera will then use information from mutiple focus areas to track the subject. Especially useful for subjects that may move out of the selected focus point.

D300S Action Mode 03

Menu Settings

The following are menu settings for the camera to continuously focus on a subject by pressing and holding the AF-ON button. Pictures will be continuously taken by pressing and holding the shutter release button.

  • This is an alternative to half-pressing the shutter release button for focus.
  • The half-press will be disabled.

D300S Action Mode 04

1. Autofocus Menu Settings

  • a1 AF-C Priority Selection: Release + Focus
    • Alternatively select Release for increased frame rates but less focus
  • a2 AF-S Priority Selection: Focus
  • a3 Dynamic AF Area: 9 Points
    • Alternatively select 21 Points for an increased dynamic area but slower tracking
  • a4 Focus Tracking With Lock On: Short
    • Focus tracking remains on subject even when quickly passing behind a tree
  • a5 AF activation: Off
    • Autofocus will be activated only by pressing the AF-ON button
  • a8 AF point selection: AF51
    • The full 51 focus points will be available for selection
    • Use the middle 3 columns (5 sensors each) as they feature the 15 cross-type sensors for better focus

D300S Action Mode 05

2. a5 Menu Settings

D300S Action Mode 06

Switching to AF-S Mode

Flip two external selectors to quickly setup the camera in AF-S mode for portrait and still shots.

  • Set the Focus Mode Selector to S for Single servo AF (AF-S).
  • Set the Auto Focus Area Mode Selector to Single-area AF.

D300S AF-S Mode

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