Posted by CANbike on Mon, 30 Mar 2015

[Media Center] CANbike TV (1.0.2) Add-on Released

CANbike TV (1.0.2) an add-on for Kodi 14 (Helix) has been posted as a zip file. It is a minor update.


- Fix overlay issue between "Player Info" and "Show Info" ("I" key)
- Enable Player Controls OSD ("M" key)
- Reduce number of art download requests (posters, fan art)
- Remove poster / fan art from EPG
- Add end time and remaining time to "Classic" skin information overlay
- Remove unused files

Overlay Issue Fixed

The overlay issue between the "player information" and the "show information" has been fixed.

Overlay Conflict-Between Show Info and Player Info

Previously, this issue would occur on startup and when pressing the "I" key for show information. For a fraction of a second, the "player information" overlay would appear as a bottom layer.

With the fix, only the show information is now displayed.

PseudoTV Show Info

Player Controls OSD ("M" Key)

Enabled for CANbike TV (1.0.2) are Kodi Player Controls (OSD). They can now be brought up by the keyboard "M" key.

PseudoTV Player Controls OSD

Reduced Art Download Request

The number of download requests for posters and fan art have been reduced to improve player performance.

Artwork Removed From EPG

Posters and fan art have been removed from the EPG to speed up performance.

End Time, Remaining Time

The classic skin has been altered to include the video's end time and remaining time in the "show information" overlay.

Show Info-End Time-and-Remaining Time

Remove Unused Files

Unused file fragments and development files have been removed to save space.

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