Posted by CANbike on Thu, 28 Mar 2013

Making a Google+ Poll (Examples Included)

Google+ does not have an official way of making polls. Nonetheless there is an effective way of emulating a poll, though results will be known to the public.

Google+ Polling Instructions


To emulate a poll, compose the question and add the polling options as individual comments. Participants can then “+1” the polling options to answer the poll.


  • Login to Google+
  • Compose the question for the poll
  • Add instructions like “+1 your choice in the comments below”
  • Click “Share”
  • Add the polling options as separate comments.
  • Optionally, close the post to comments to limit the options and prevent discussions.


  • Participants can select multiple options.
  • Results are public and not anonymous.

Google+ Bike Poll Examples

The following are biking related polls created on Google+.

Google+ bike-poll-1-thumb.jpgGoogle+ bike-poll-2-thumb.jpg

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