Posted by CANbike on Wed, 28 Aug 2013

LibreOffice Menu Font

LibreOffice 3.5.7 was installed onto Puppy Can Bike 5.5, but two user interface problems were encountered.

  • Icons were missing as there was no default theme installed
  • Menu and user interface fonts were too small

The missing icons were resolved by installing a default theme; however, the menu fonts were still small and the menu icons were tiny.

LibreOffice: 3.5.7
Operating Sytem: Puppy Can Bike 5.5
Package Source: Ubuntu Precise Pangolin, 12.04.2

System Fonts are Not Used by Default

LibreOffice does not use the system fonts by default. It uses a small font. There are options to scale the font in the options dialog (Main Menu -> Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice -> View -> Scaling). However, scaling is limited to 130% and is an inadequate solution.

To get LibreOffice to use the system fonts, an appropriate optional desktop environment package needs to be installed. The optional packages are libreoffice-gtk, libreoffice-gnome, and libreoffice-kde.

LibreOffice 3.5.7 Installation Instructions

The following are instructions for installing LibreOffice 3.5.7 onto Puppy Can Bike 5.5.

  1. Lanuch the Puppy Package Manager (Menu->Setup->Puppy Package Manager)
  2. Install libreoffice_3.5.7 and it’s dependencies
  3. Install libreoffice_java_common_3.5.7
  4. Install a theme, i.e. libreoffice-style-tango_3.5.7
  5. Install libreoffice-gtk_3.5.7

Improved Font Pictorial

LibreOffice Small Menu Font-01-thumb.pngLibreOffice Small Menu Font-02-thumb.pngLibreOffice Small Menu Font-03-thumb.pngLibreOffice Small Menu Font-04-thumb.pngLibreOffice Small Menu Font-05-thumb.pngLibreOffice Small Menu Font-06-thumb.pngLibreOffice Small Menu Font-07-thumb.pngLibreOffice Small Menu Font-08-thumb.pngLibreOffice Small Menu Font-09-thumb.pngLibreOffice Small Menu Font-10-thumb.pngLibreOffice Small Menu Font-11-thumb.pngLibreOffice Small Menu Font-12-thumb.png