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Google+ Equivalent of a Private Message (PM)

Google+ does not have a traditional private messaging system like PMs, inboxes, and direct messaging. What they do offer is counter intuitive at first, but far more power and versatile for messaging an individual, a circle, or multiple people.

The equivalent of a private message (PM) is based on a page’s “Stream” and share settings. A “Stream” is both a public broadcasting tool and a private inbox/sentbox.

Google+: Send a Private Message

  • Login to Google+.
  • Compose the private message to be sent.
  • In the box “+ Add more people” delete “Public”.
  • Add the names of people and/or circles into the box “+ Add names, circles, or email addresses”.
    • Click the icon on the right of the box “+ Add names, circles, or email addresses” to “Browse people”.
      • Common names may appear multiple times. Select the correct individual.
  • Click “Share”.
  • The top of the message will indicate “Limited”. Click on “Limited” to display it’s viewers.

Google+: Lock Post

The message can be shared by the message’s recipient(s). At the top right of the message click the “Option Menu” and select “Lock post”. Now the top of the message will indicate “Limited (locked)”. The message can no longer be shared with additional individuals.

Google+: Receive a Private Message

  • The message recipient(s) will receive a notification of a post being shared.
  • The message recipient(s) will also receive an email notifying them of the message.

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